Go Girl Energy Relaunches Under New Ownership

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Fifteen years after being founded by Shannon Deary-Bell, Go Girl Energy is relaunching on September 14 with a lineup of healthy, clean-energy beverages for busy women and active lifestyles. Under new ownership by Go Roads, LLC, which includes former owner Nor-Cal Beverage and organic soda star Silk Road Soda Co., Go Girl emerges with a new package, a clean formula and fresh brand identity that aspires to be “empowering women every day.”

The new flavors include key lime ginger, grapefruit honeysuckle and raspberry lemonade. All three have no taurine, no artificial sugar or color, and are Keto friendly with added insulin fiber. The original sugar-free drink that made Go Girl a hometown favorite also remains in the portfolio of products. “My goal in creating this new formula and flavors was to shift an already popular brand to a more health-driven drink that better supports women’s bodies. Removing taurine, a synthetic testosterone, seems like a natural and obvious choice for the women we see as our customers,” described Payam Fardanesh, VP of Sales and Innovation.

Go Girl is building on a legacy of supporting women’s health, in particular, the pink ribbon can that was the focus of social efforts for the brand. Go Girl now expands into many women’s organizations and efforts across the Northern California region. “We are hoping to support the many places and groups that matter most to women every day and will take our cues on those partnerships from our loyal customers,” explained Ingrid Foster, VP of Business Development and Marketing.

Go Girl aspires to reach women of all interests and background, from health enthusiasts and late-night university students, to the first responder professionals and businesswomen who need a boost. “Our products are healthier, refreshing and support powerful women’s active lifestyles. “It’s time for something innovative and more health conscious in this category, and that’s our goal,” shares Fardanesh.

To celebrate the relaunch of this iconic woman’s brand, Go Girl has partnered with Wide Open Walls mural festival September 10-20 in Sacramento. Dynamic mother, daughter artist collaborators Michele and Paige Murtaugh are painting a stunning, interactive mural reflecting the beautiful diversity and power of every type of woman; celebrating with Go Girl and women across our region through art.

Go Roads LLC management team was formed through a merger that happened in early 2020. The ownership team includes founder Shannon Deary-Bell and Nor Cal beverage, John DeBenedetti fromer owner of Del Monte Meats and current CEO of Corfini Gourmet, Tom Kandris, former CEO of PackageOne, and Silk Road founder Payam Fardanesh. The group plans to re-release Silk Road sodas in 2021 as well.

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