Huney Jun Announces $250,000 Financing Round

Huney Jun is pleased to announce the conclusion of a second round of angel fundraising totaling $250K in January, 2020. Though not the largest round, the company has a more organic growth plan, that will allow it to invest profits into it’s facility and team as the company’s growth allows.

This comes with recent national distribution deals with both KEHE and Sound Distributing regionally. KEHE will begin distribution out of three Distribution centers May 1st via the New @KEHE program. The DC’s are Portland, Chino, and Stockton. We feel great about partnering with KEHE. We have been impressed with the response and knowledge of their sales team. We also really value that they are a B-Corp certified employer” CEO, Beau Carrillo said about the companies first national distributor. Huney Jun, now in its third year, is poised to enter markets outside of the Northwest, with plans to hire a team of brand ambassadors in key markets on the west coast in 2020. New retailer authorizations in the Northwest as of January 2020 are Haggen, New Seasons Markets, and select Safeway/Albertsons stores in Washington State. The company plans to expand distribution aggressively over the next year, targeting natural and conventional retailers alike.

The Company plans to raise outside capital in 2021 to expand its current distribution footprint with KEHE, hire sales personnel in key regions, and promote heavily within current retailers. It will also be releasing its eighth 12oz SKU of adaptogen infused Jun-Kombucha in May – Watermelon Mint Moringa. With retailers like, “PCC Natural Markets, our highest volume chain, already making room on the shelves”. Carrillo said.

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