ICONIC Launches Grass Fed Federation

SANTA MONICA, Calif.– Decorated Protein drink manufacturer ICONIC, known for its leading line of protein beverages, has spearheaded the Grass Fed Federation, a collection of brands who prioritize the humane treatment of animals that are raised for food. ICONIC launches the federation with founding members: Fourth & Heart, EPIC Provisions, CHOMPS, and TRIBALÍ Foods, all of which met the strict supply chain standards to be accepted.

Billy Bosch, CEO and Founder of ICONIC, had a vision for the Federation as he found a sea of brands claiming “grass fed” with little to no substantiation. “When I see someone claiming 100% grass fed I can almost guarantee it’s not accurate. How can brands be so cavalier on statements they can’t support? It’s incredibly frustrating as a consumer and brand owner.”

The Grass Fed Federation aims to raise awareness around animal welfare issues in the food system, and build an ecosystem of brands that abide by a higher level of standards for animal treatment.

“Our commitment to sourcing only the purest ingredients for our products aligns with the Grass Fed Federation ethos of providing the best offerings to consumers while doing what’s right by animals,” states Billy Bosch, ICONIC Founder and CEO. “I went all the way to Ireland to find grass fed cows with our farming partners there that have one of the highest standards of treatment and ingredient quality on the planet. It’s exciting and encouraging to find other brands that source here in the US and abroad to partner with”

“At Fourth & Heart, we firmly believe it is our responsibility to only partner with those whose standards align with ours, especially when it comes to ethical business practices. We ensure that all of our products and ingredients pass rigorous vetting to guarantee that we are operating with firm commitment to social responsibilities. For example, we use grass fed dairy to ensure that our ghee is truly better-for-all.”- Raquel Tavares (Founder of Fourth & Heart)

“At TRIBALÍ, we believe that transparency and ethical practices in the meat industry are paramount. We source the highest quality meats that abide by the standard that both TRIBALÍ and The Grass Fed Federation have put forth. We feel an inherent responsibility towards the environment, the animals, and the consumers who purchase our products.” Angela Mavridis (CEO/Founder of TRIBALÍ Foods)

In order to participate in the Grass Fed Federation, brands must agree to the following:

1. Solely source cow byproducts from cows that are pasture raised, and get their nutrition from grass, at least 75% of the time.

2. Partner with, and source from farms who abide by strict animal welfare standards in the overall wellbeing of the animals.

3. All members must have an annual 3rd party verification regarding animal welfare standards.

4.  Cattle always on pasture

5.  No feedlots permitted

6.  Pasture maintained with a minimum 75% cover

7.  Specific requirements for management practices such as weaning and castration

“We have been deliberate in the way we built the Chomps brand since day one.  From our strict Grass Fed & Finished ingredient sourcing requirements to the way we self-funded the business, every decision we’ve made was to make sure we’re able to deliver the best possible product to our customers without cutting corners.  The result has been a level of brand loyalty and a rate of growth that we never could have imagined just a few years ago.” Peter Maldonado (Co-Founder & CEO of CHOMPS)

ICONIC will be actively vetting brands interested in joining the movement.

The federation is establishing itself as a leader in the CPG world by raising the standards and expectations around animal welfare practices, ingredient sourcing, and supply chain processes. ICONIC set out to create the Federation as a way to aide consumers in their shopping journeys. In a world with infinite options, and brand messages coming at you from all angles, consumers can turn to the Grass Fed Federation as a resource for brands they can genuinely trust.

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