Recovery Brands Partners With BDK Marketing

HILLSDALE, N.J.– Recovery Brands of Hillsdale, New Jersey, the manufacturers of REZ have entered into a marketing agreement with BDK Marketing the B stands for Bo Jackson. BDK has extensive contacts in the Food Service area along with Supermarkets and C-Stores.

REZ , a natural restoration beverage made with plant-based glucosamine, turmeric, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins & minerals. REZ has 0-sugar, 10-calories, 1-carb, is very diabetic & keto friendly and has more immune supporting ingredients than any other beverage on the market.

The CEO of Recovery Brands, Larry Edinger is excited about the agreement and looks forward to working with BDK and Bo’s star power to market REZ. Bo will be doing store flyers, recorded in-store voice ads, social media along with TV & radio interviews to expand brand awareness.

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