Soul H2O Cardiovascular Sparkling Water Set to Launch

MCCLURE, B.C., Canada— Infuse Your Life Health Products Inc is set to launch Soul H2O: Cardiovascular Support Sparkling Water after an extended R&D phase due to the desire to bring something extraordinary to market.

Company co-founder and president Thomas Lasic, explains, “we know we are a little late to the party, due to a bit of an underestimation of what it really takes to bring something special to the market. We are a bit behind schedule, but extremely excited about where we are at; coming out of the R&D phase with the award winning team at Power Brands USA. ”

Inspired to create something unique and extraordinary, this start-up’s vision stems from relentless passion to bring a Heart Healthy Sparkling Beverage into the mainstream. Its truly taken a team of industry leaders in order to make this project possible.

Lasic also stated, “as a start-up, we have endured a lot but building this company has been the most rewarding experiences of my life. We set our expectations high and we want to thank the people within the industry, and our shareholders who have mentored us along the way. Without naming names, they know who they are and they are all part of our future success.”

Product Features: – Zero Sugar, Zero Aspartame – Synthetic Preservative Free – Vitamin C, B6,B12,Antioxidants, Amino Acids, 15 Calories Per Can, (355ml) – Botanical Plant-based extracts: high mg levels of Ginger, Panax Ginseng, and Black Garlic – Refined SuperNatural Citrus Taste

Product Benefits:

  • Boosts Cardiovascular and Cell Health
  • Promotes Healthy Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Glucose Levels
  • Combats Fatigue and Increases Natural Energy Levels