Surfwater Launches 24 Hour Free Home Delivery Initiative During Pandemic

SAN DIEGO― Surfwater, the leading company of Still and Sparkling aluminum bottled water in California, is implementing with immediate effect a ‘24-Hour Free Home Delivery’ water distribution to all of San Diego county.

Inspired by requests from local San Diegans in worry of running out of bottled water at their local grocery stores and not being able to go out and buy bottled water, Surfwater offers a great solution. Available for purchase at in Still or Sparkling varieties, these 16-ounce, 100% recyclable aluminum bottles “are ready to be dropped off at your home within 24-hours to all of San Diego County and from April onwards also to Orange County and Los Angeles’’ said Serkan Barutcu, founder of Surfwater.

Surfwater will be providing a special 30% discount on the regular price when ordered for home delivery in the mentioned areas for all orders of five or more cases!

For more information, visit Instagram: @surfwatercalifornia

About Surfwater

Surfwater touts a clean and crisp, perfectly pH balanced, electrolyte enhanced bottle of water that is made from 100% recyclable aluminum. Sports lovers, surfers, and overall healthy individuals spend a lot of time near the ocean and, in many cases, under the extreme heat of the sun. That is certainly the case in California. The warm temperatures associated with rigorous activity demand high levels of water intake. Fortunately, good old H2O is a total health bomb! Here in San Diego, California―Surfwater headquarters―we love to stay fit, drink pure clean water and believe in a ‘Hang Loose’ lifestyle. We combined all of the above with our passion for environmental responsibility and some entrepreneurial spirit to create an enhanced lifestyle water brand that touts a unique pH and replenishing electrolytes. At Surfwater, we encourage you to WATER MORE – LIVE LONGER.