Whiskies of the World Chooses DIVINIA Water

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho— The premier whiskey and bourbon tasting event in the United States has chosen DIVINIA Water as the finest back at Whiskies of the World in 2020, highlighting the versatility of the world’s premier bottled water.

In mixology, a “back” can be added to the drink or sipped along with the main beverage.

DIVINIA Water becomes the tasting water of preference by Whiskies of the World to enhance the user experience with its ultra-pure, scientifically proven properties. “Adding DIVINIA Water to a glass of whiskey illuminates and enhances the notes and flavors of the spirit,” says DIVINIA Water CEO Steven Sedlmayr. “Our water will help bring out the amazing and subtle flavors of these fine spirits at the events. It will allow people to fully enjoy their glass of whiskey.”

Whiskies of the World is the United States’ foremost whiskey tour, bringing over 200 craft and established brands to consumers at 15 events across the U.S. Each event hosts between 800 and 2,000 guests.

“As a fan of whiskey, I’m ecstatic for this opportunity,” said Crosby Sedlmayr, COO of DIVINIA Water. “I cannot wait to show the world how DIVINIA Water refines the consumer’s experience.”

DIVINIA Water’s distinct, scientifically proven properties are the driving factors behind its ability to combine with and magnify the taste of other beverages. It’s deuterium-depleted, exclusion-zone water, which makes it lighter and more energized at the atomic level. That gives DIVINIA Water a flawless taste and unique mouthfeel.

“Those properties are unsurpassable by any other water on the market,” said Steven Sedlmayr. “To support excellence with Whiskies of the World is a match made in spirits heaven. This opportunity shows our product has the legs to enter into new markets, not just bottled water.”

DIVINIA’s first showcase at Whiskies of the World comes in March at the events in Denver, San Francisco and San Jose.

About DIVINIA Water

DIVINIA Water is a bottled water brand focused on offering uniquely pure, clean, functional, eco-friendly and hydrating water, produced through our proprietary purifiers. DIVINIA is lab tested, exclusion zone, and deuterium depleted water (DDW), with naturally bioavailable hydrogen. There are no other substances added to DIVINIA water, with all solids removed; DIVINIA’s extraordinary functionality comes from its exclusive process. Bottled in glass bottles for easy recycling, DIVINIA is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and was the 2016 Silver Medalist at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.

About Whiskies of the World

With its origins in San Francisco, Whiskies of the World features a diverse portfolio of whiskies from around the world: Scotland, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. The event focuses on bringing educational and intense sensory perception opportunities to whisky enthusiasts across the U.S.  Both The Whisky Extravaganza and Whiskies of the World have engaged thousands of consumers and have showcased hundreds of brands, offering guests from coast to coast the opportunity to taste superlative whiskies and to meet the outstanding personalities of the whisky world.