Happy Leaf Kombucha Launches New Brand Design with Less Sugar Content

Happy Leaf Kombucha announced this week that a new brand design is set to hit the shelves as early as mid-May 2021. Along with the new look comes a fresh take on their brew, allowing for 70% less sugar content than leading brands.

Moving away from bold, blocky colors, Happy Leaf has gone a more decorative route with their can design showcasing the flavor’s ingredients in an imaginative and artistic manner.

The old design has been in customers’ hands for the last five years. A fresh new style falls in line with the upward growth the brand has been taking recently. This transformation encompasses the refined look into their kombucha brewing recipes as well.

Each flavor is now 4 grams or less of sugar per 12 oz. can, making Happy Leaf Kombucha stand out in the growing kombucha crowd.

Jenni Lyons, Founder and Sales Director of Happy Leaf Kombucha, said: “As producers we’re constantly evolving our craft. Showcasing these changes through product design is impactful for us as well as the consumer. We all get to experience this in different ways and I hope that our community is as excited for what’s coming as we have been making it!”

“This is an exciting year for Happy Leaf. Along with our new design, refreshed recipes with lower sugar and precise fermentation, we’ll be launching brand new game changing flavors. Happy Leaf will also be much easier to pick up from all of your favorite groceries now that we have expanded our distribution reach. I personally cannot wait to meet new Happy Leaf Kombucha lovers and hear how our loyal community are enjoying so many new happenings at Happy Leaf.”

Happy Leaf Kombucha is a woman-owned company focused on organic and Fair Trade, high-quality sourced ingredients. 100% of the brand’s ingredients are composted.

“Happy Leaf was one of our first commercial partners, their enthusiasm for zero-waste and community values helped support us when we were just getting off the ground,” said Compost Colorado founder and CEO Van Fussell. “We are excited to continue to grow alongside Happy Leaf for years to come!”