Talking Rain Announces Plans to Reduce Carbon Footprint via Terrapass

PRESTON, WA – Talking Rain® Beverage Company, maker of Sparkling Ice® flavored sparkling water and Talking Rain® waters, is excited to announce its mission to reduce its carbon footprint by partnering with terrapass, a leader in the carbon offset and renewable energy space. With a commitment to finding innovative ways to invest in the local community and build a sustainable future, Talking Rain will fund over 28,000 metric tons of carbon reduction through the purchase of carbon offsets to address its natural gas use and fleet emissions in the United States. This year’s partnership will address 100% of Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Terrapass exists to empower everyone, from individuals to big business, to take action against climate change by providing tools that help people understand their carbon footprint, and support carbon offset and renewable energy projects that are working to reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. In 2021, Talking Rain will support several impactful carbon reduction projects across the country through terrapass, including the Bear Creek Watershed Forest Carbon Project in Oregon, the Cambria 33 Abandoned Mine Methane Capture Project in Pennsylvania, and the South Kent Landfill Gas to Energy Project in Michigan.

“As a beverage company, we are committed to taking meaningful action to reduce the carbon footprint associated with our operations, while also advancing innovation and change when it comes to caring for the environment,” said Chris Hall, Talking Rain CEO. “In partnering with terrapass to identify and support impactful carbon reduction projects, we aspire to reduce our footprint over the next year and beyond, and to be an inspiration for other companies to follow suit.”

The carbon reductions funded by Talking Rain through this partnership are equivalent to taking 6,000 cars off the road for an entire year, planting 460,000 trees, powering over 3,200 homes with renewable energy for a year, or recycling 1.1 million bags of trash.

“Climate change is a real and immediate threat,” said Karra Marino, Vice President of terrapass. “Concern over the health of our planet has grown well beyond the confines of environmental groups to include everyday consumers and businesses, like Talking Rain, who realize how critical it is to act now to reduce their carbon footprint. We are proud to work with Talking Rain as a partner in carbon mitigation and environmental preservation. And, in supporting projects that reduce carbon emissions and generate renewable energy, together, we’re powering the innovation and growth we need to transition to a low carbon economy of the future.”

Each project funded by Talking Rain will result in meaningful carbon reduction. Talking Rain values that terrapass subscribes to the highest carbon offset standards that assure quality and transparency.  This lends further confidence that investment in Talking Rain’s chosen offset projects will have had a real, verifiable and measurable impact.

About the projects:

  • The Bear Creek Watershed is 3,700 acres of forestland in Oregon that was historically used for timber harvest. The Forest Carbon Project preserves the forest by creating a non-timber source of revenue.
  • The Cambria 33 coal mine in Pennsylvania was abandoned in 1994 but not sealed, allowing methane to seep into the atmosphere.  This project vacuums methane from the mine and destroys it before it enters the atmosphere.
  • The breakdown of waste in landfills leads to the release of methane into the atmosphere.  The South Kent Landfill Gas to Energy project in Michigan prevents methane from entering the atmosphere by capturing the landfill gas and utilizing it to produce green energy, which also reduces reliance on fossil fuels.

About Talking Rain Beverage Company

An industry leader in the Seattle-area for more than 30 years, Talking Rain is a Washington-based beverage company, situated in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.  Talking Rain’s sustainable growth is attributed to the company’s ability to stay true to their vision and heritage, while continually improving and innovating their products.

Talking Rain products offer a wide range of flavors that are great tasting and refreshing, making them perfect for people who desire to make healthier choices.  All Talking Rain beverages in the U.S. are zero sugar and made from real fruit flavor and colors from natural sources.

Talking Rain is committed to building a sustainable future. The brand connects withpartners who prioritize these important efforts and are committed to being a voice in theeducation of how we can all do our part.

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About terrapass Terrapass, a member of Just Energy Group Inc. (“Just Energy”), works towards a more sustainable planet by pursuing solutions to climate change. We support projects throughout North America that destroy greenhouse gases, produce renewable energy and restore freshwater ecosystems. Our products and services provide individuals and businesses with the ability to reduce the environmental impact of their everyday activities. Learn more at

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