TrofÍ Holdings Invests In PATH To Change The Future Of Bottled Water Together

FREMONT, Calif. — PATH, the refillable bottled water brand on a mission to end single-use plastic, announces its partnership with TrofÍ Holdings, a globally recognized investment platform focused on creating a better future through supporting sustainable food and beverage brands. The financial backing from TrofÍ is led by founding partners: Alexandra Peterson Cart, HRH Princess Tatiana of Greece, Julia Paino Chrostek, and Dr. English Sall.

“The realities of our single-use habits globally are coming to a head, therefore we need scalable and sustainable business solutions like PATH that solve for growing eco-conscious consumer demand,” said Alexandra Peterson Cart, who is joining PATH as an advisor. “We look forward to supporting PATH’s clear vision and continued growth as the leading mass market brand of sustainable bottled water.”

TrofÍ partners with food and beverage brands that are creating change in production, distribution, and consumption within supply chains and takes their powerful vision for making lasting, systemic change in our food ecosystem to the next level. PATH’s mission to end single-use plastic is centered around creating change in consumer behavior by encouraging people to reuse and refill instead of adding to the overburdened landfills.

“The synergy between PATH and TrofÍ will shine through with the change we’re creating together for the future,” said Shadi Bakour, CEO and Co-Founder of PATH. “As a mission-driven brand, we see our relationships with partners and investors as especially meaningful because they are investing in both the environmental and financial ROI.”

“We know when we find the right brand to partner with, and PATH was an obvious choice,” said HRH Princess Tatiana of Greece. “We are not only investing in a refillable bottled water meant to replace ruinous single-use plastic bottles, but we are also investing in the future of our planet.”

PATH designed the first bottled water intended to be refilled again and again instead of contributing more single-use waste that is polluting the Earth, especially plastic. The lightweight yet sturdy aluminum bottles are filled with purified still water and feature a minimalistic design to encourage reuse. PATH bottles are made to be refilled and can also be 100 percent recycled as they are made of aluminum.

About TrofÍ Holdings
TrofÍ is a collective investment platform that leverages benefit-capital to support exceptional builders and initiatives with a vision to create a healthy, sustainable, and equitable food future. Through hands-on strategic support, Trofí focuses on opportunities that make healthy, delicious food more accessible for all.

About PATH
PATH is the first 100% refillable and recyclable bottled water in a premium aluminum bottle. Infinitely reusable, PATH bottles are a sustainable and affordable solution to end the single-use plastic water bottle crisis. PATH’s Still, Sparkling, and Alkaline water are available in 20 oz. and 25 oz. refillable aluminum bottles, all retailing for under $3. Easily accessible, PATH is available, Amazon, and over 20,000 retailers worldwide.

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