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New York, N.Y. – Vitamin Energy, the most convenient way to nourish your body with vitamins while boosting your energy for up to 7+ hours, is proud to announce that the brand will now be sold at

The exciting news comes as a warm welcome to Vitamin Energy, who is currently the world’s fastest growing energy shot brand on the market. The sugar and carb-free proprietary blend of vitamins in each shot of Vitamin Energy is precisely designed to support a specific health function, from immune support to recovery. For this reason, the company is rapidly gaining distribution channels and attracting new customers to the energy shot market. The company’s latest distribution partner, GNC, is a significant indicator of Vitamin Energy’s substantial demand.

“We are very proud to partner with GNC,” said Risé Meguiar, Chief Executive Officer at Vitamin Energy. “GNC recognizes that Vitamin Energy’s unique focus of promoting overall well-being and nutrition – in addition to fueling energy – is attracting new customers, including women, to the traditionally male market segment. We are forecasting significant growth throughout the next several quarters, and we are thrilled that GNC recognizes the opportunity we present to the iconic retailer.”

Vitamin Energy is currently in stores nationwide in over 10,000 retailers, and the brand is gaining new distribution partners at an unprecedented rate. Such retail partners include Circle K, Pilot Flying J, QuikTrip (QT), Sunoco and 7-Eleven. In addition to ranking #1 on the IRI charts as the world’s fastest growing energy shot, Vitamin Energy ranked #2 as the fastest growing energy drink in the world. In addition, the USA-based brand is the #1 selling energy shot on Amazon.

“We’re on the fast-track to becoming a household name right now,” explained Meguiar, who has over 20 years of distinguished leadership experience growing companies to extraordinary heights; she won wide-spread industry recognition for her role as the former President of Sales at Innovation Ventures, doing business as Living Essentials/5-Hour ENERGY. “There is no question that Vitamin Energy’s unique pull of previously unengaged consumers, such as health conscious individuals and women, is transforming what the energy shot market looks like. It’s very exciting for our retail partners.”

Vitamin Energy’s wide array of sugar and carb-free proprietary vitamin blends uniquely focus on promoting overall well-being and nutrition, while fueling energy without excessive caffeine. Each shot is precisely designed to support a specific health function, from improving mood to boosting the immune system. With currently nine function-focused formulas, Vitamin Energy has a shot to fit every lifestyle.

About Vitamin Energy

Vitamin Energy is the most convenient way to nourish your body with vitamins while boosting your energy levels for up to 7+ hours with no sugar crash later. Every shot of Vitamin Energy is super infused vitamins that combines a powerful energy formula to fit every lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to improve your mood, increase your focus, boost your immune system, lose weight, sleep well or optimize your workout, there’s a Vitamin Energy for everyone. To learn more, come visit us at

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