Tamworth Distilling Unveils New Grasshopper Milk Bourbon

TAMWORTH, N.H.– Following the global acclaim of their beaver castoreum-infused whiskey, Eau de Musc, Steven Grasse (the creator of the Hendrick’s Gin and Sailor Jerry Rum brands) and his talented team at Tamworth Distilling and Mercantile are excited to announce their next incredible experiment in the “House of Tamworth” line: Lait de Romalea (“Milk of Grasshopper”).

Lait de Romalea is a new, 90-proof bourbon whiskey infused with the foam (or milk) excreted as a defense mechanism from the Easter Lubber grasshopper. The result is a surprisingly delightful bourbon with a unique floral, rosy, and fruity nose and plum, berry, and subtle tobacco notes on the palate. The new release will be available for national purchase for a limited time through Warehouse Wines & Spirits.

Lait de Romalea is the result of Tamworth Distilling’s continued experimentation with unusual flavor sources. In this case, it’s the brown, Skoal-like exudate of the Eastern Lubber grasshopper. The romalea exudate is extracted through a process similar to how snakes are milked for anti-venom, where tactile stimulation of the abdomen with the thumb and forefinger will elicit the secretion discharge.

“Working at the chemical level, we found that this malodorous stuff is composed of a type of molecule that is a precursor to the ones that give roses (and bourbon) their deep, enriching scent. To unlock this pleasant quality, the grasshopper foam is first milked, then fermented with wilted tea leaves, whose enzymes prep the smelly substance for an acidic distillation that completes the chemical rearrangement…The final product is the desirable aroma molecule, beta-damascenone. The result is infused in our bourbon to create supercharged aromatic note,” explained Tamworth Distilling lead distiller and resident chemist, Matt Power.

After the exudate is extracted and fermented with black tea leaves, the liquid is refluxed in acidic ethanol to instill the final chemical rearrangements prior to infusion. At this point, the dehydrated extraction is infused into Tamworth Distilling’s signature bourbon and is ready for consumption.

Tamworth Distilling’s Lait de Romalea  will be available for a limited time through online retailer Warehouse Wines & Spirits for $75/bottle starting April 1, 2019. For more information, please visit tamworthdistilling.com or follow us on Instagram at @tamworth_distilling.

About Tamworth Distilling

Since the turn of the 20th century, Tamworth, New Hampshire has been a haven for artists, writers, thinkers and innovators ­– from Henry James and e e Cummings to President Grover Cleveland. The owner of Tamworth Distilling, Steven Grasse, found that this small town at the foot of the White Mountains is the perfect place to do some innovating of his own. Welcome to Tamworth Distilling: Our story is as old as America, planting our flag in the heart of a historic New Hampshire village. Steven Grasse set up his distillery in accordance to the land around it, not against it. What Tamworth Distillery takes, it gives back. What they have, they give to you. Taking a cue from the 19th century Transcendentalists of New England, Tamworth Distilling pull its inspiration from the surrounding atmosphere. Their recipes are born from the crops they grow, and the histories buried in the soil below.