Mpac Langen Refreshes Branding to Reflect Future-Focused Solutions

Mpac Langen has rebranded. Like our valued customers, we are always evolving, and we have refreshed our branding to reflect our future-focused and resilient machines, that help global businesses overcome challenges, today and tomorrow.

Dedicated to creating unstoppable OEE solutions and providing exceptional service for over 107 years, we at Mpac Langen have been trusted by leading brands to make, pack, monitor and service world-class machinery. While our branding looks different, we are still the same business and our mission to be a leader in cutting-edge packaging automation and transformational technologies remains.

As part of the Mpac Group, we work alongside Mpac Lambert and its ingenuity in product assembly, to deliver an end-to-end service for our customers. Working across the health & personal care, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors, we help world-class businesses adapt and grow with our limitless thinking.

Forget what you know about limits and discover Limitless Packaging Automation with Mpac Langen.

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