Vertosa Launches New Fast-Acting Powder to Infuse Food and Beverage, Supplements

OAKLAND, Calif. – Innovative hemp and cannabis infusion technology company Vertosa, known for infusing nearly 100 cannabis products on the market including Pabst Labs’ newly launched PBR Cannabis Seltzer, is releasing an advanced new scientific solution to support the next generation of infused products: Powder-based Cannabis Emulsion. Chief Science Officer/Founder Dr. Harold Han, Director of Technical Services & Sales Lauren Tamburro and their team developed the proprietary formula to launch one of the few powders currently available on the market.

Vertosa broke onto the scene in 2018 by developing liquid emulsions to mix the insoluble – cannabis oil and water – in order to infuse beverages and topicals with THC, CBD and other cannabinoids and provide better taste, faster onset, and product stability. With the team’s newly developed fast-acting powder emulsion, product makers can develop cannabis products across even more categories.

“Powder emulsions provide valuable versatility and flexibility,” said Vertosa Chief Innovation Officer Austin Stevenson. “With this solution, product makers can address a much wider set of product categories, from beverage enhancers to pressed tablets, fillable capsules, wholesale nutritional supplements and more. Beyond strictly supplements, baked goods and bars also respond well to powder emulsions.”

The Science Powering the Powder

Vertosa is currently offering their brand partners two different types of powder: CBD Isolate and CBD Broad Spectrum (both THC-free). The powders are packed in a nitrogen atmosphere to ensure a long shelf life. The active ingredients are stable and disperse easily in both hot and cold water. The small droplet size of the CBD upon rehydration enables fast-acting effects.

Vertosa also completed an extensive study of the powders in both loose and bagged tea applications at Anresco Laboratories. The teas were steeped in hot water to simulate the customers’ experience; the testing verifies the CBD droplets easily traverse the tea bag barrier, so the consumer will get the full amount of CBD promised on each product’s label.

“This crucial study confirms precise and accurate dosing, ensuring consumers will get what they pay for,” said Tamburro.

Brand Partners

One of the first brands to utilize Vertosa’s Powder Emulsion isLucent Botanicals, aBay Area-based wellness company that specializes in purpose-driven CBD products including mints labeled with distinct potential benefits such as Sleep, Pain Relief, Energy and Focus.

“With Vertosa’s formula, CBD products that may have taken as long as 20 minutes to go into effect now only take about five minutes,” said Lucent Botanicals Founder & CEO Chris Cooper. “The biggest advantage of the fast onset, along with the quicker effects, is that it enables consumers to more accurately and easily adjust their preferred dosage level. Vertosa has been a great supplier, going above and beyond, and helping us make sure the formulation is right for our customers.”

“For brands with serious plans for growth and innovation in the vitamins and supplements category, a high quality and fast acting powder emulsion will provide the cornerstone needed to continuously develop new products and exceed customer expectations,” added Stevenson.

About Vertosa

Vertosa creates industry-leading active ingredients for infused product makers. Their patent pending nano- and micro-emulsions are carefully designed for the specific needs of each customer, with pre-suspended aqueous solutions that create incredibly homogeneous and stable products while maximizing bioavailability, clarity, and taste. Vertosa works closely with their lab partners and clients of all sizes throughout the manufacturing process to achieve target potency and accelerate products to market. Learn more about Vertosa, and connect onFacebook,Instagram,Twitter andLinkedIn.

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