Genius Coconut Smoothies

by Genius Juice, LLC.

Review: Genius Adds Two New Flavors

Posted: Jan 11, 2019 at 3:00 PM (Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019 at 6:33 PM)

Covers Products: Turmeric (2018), Coffee (2018)

Genius, which is a USDA Organic certified coconut smoothie, recently extended its line to include two new flavors: Coffee and Turmeric.

At their core, both of these products build upon the same coconut smoothie base as the original. Packaged in clear 10 oz. bottles, each flavor starts with coconut water and coconut meat, which have been blended together to create a rich yet smooth base that’s loaded with coconut flavor.

Both these flavors are made with real ingredients: coffee extract in the case of the Coffee and turmeric, ginger, and cardamom for Turmeric.

As far as the flavor goes, we found the Turmeric variety to be much more successful than the Coffee variety. We really enjoyed the layers of spice that they’ve created and you can taste each of the three spices. More importantly, these flavors enhance the underlying coconut smoothie and helps make it more approachable than the pure offering.

Coffee, on the other hand, struggles a bit. For our palates, the added coffee flavor is just too strong and tastes like extract. We’re not sure if the solution is to adjust the amount of coffee flavor or to change the ingredient they are using, but it definitely needs something.

On the branding and packaging side of things, we like the way that these new flavors look alongside the flagship offering. Plus, they give the Genius brand some much needed depth, both in terms of the variety offered and color with the addition of an orange label (Turmeric) and brown label (Coffee).

The labels for all three products are intuitive, eye catching, and playful in their approach. This starts with the Genius logo, which is a coconut that’s been personified into an Einstein like character. From there, large block lettering, which says “WHOLE COCONUT SMOOTHIE,” is straight and to the point.

In the end, we like the idea of Genius extending its line to include additional SKUs. It seems like the right approach to expanding the audience beyond those consumers who like a pure coconut drink. However, there’s definitely some work left to be done, at least with the Coffee variety.

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