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Review: Humm Zero

Posted: Jun 25, 2020 at 8:18 AM (Last Updated: Jun 25, 2020 at 10:13 AM)
Humm Zero

Covers Products: Humm Zero - Blood Orange, Humm Zero - Ginger Lemonade, Humm Zero - Peach Tea, Humm Zero - Raspberry Lemonade

Announced in February, Humm Zero is the Oregon-based kombucha company’s first entry into a shelf stable format and the first that doesn’t have added sugar (beyond what is consumed by yeast during fermentation). 

The products come in 11 ounce cans in four flavors: Ginger Lemonade, Blood Orange, Peach Tea and Raspberry Lemonade. Like Humm’s other brews, the base of Humm Zero uses organic kombucha as a base, while allulose and monk fruit provide the sweetness. All the flavors have 10 calories, no sugar, and added probiotics and vitamin B12.

As far as the taste is concerned, Humm has definitely done a great job of putting these together. There’s no mistaking the flavor for anything other than authentic kombucha; it will taste familiar to anyone who has had a bottle of their flagship product. We’d otherwise describe the product as light and crisp, with mainstream oriented flavors chosen for all four SKUs. The taste of monk fruit is noticeable but tolerable, and it doesn’t linger too much at the drink’s finish.

For us, the two standout flavors are Ginger Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade, as the citrus flavor does a nice job of marrying everything together. While the other two flavors are also good, these just seem like a slight step above. However, all four are really flavorful and enjoyable as far as beverages with 10 calories are concerned.

The line is packaged in a slim 11 ounce can that fits visually with the Humm brand. It features a white background with “Humm,” “Kombucha,” and “ZERO” placed front and center. Below that is the flavor name, which is also impossible to miss. At the top and bottom are illustrated borders that feature an accent color that corresponds to each particular flavor. Also at the top are callouts for “zero sugar” and “2 billion probiotic cultures.”

The design is clean, easy to read, and definitely gets the point of “ZERO” across. While “zero” implies taking something away, the product very much looks like an equal to the rest of Humm’s kombuchas.

And of course, being shelf stable and in a non-breakable format are big benefits for Humm Zero. It can go places that their other products cannot, both in terms of retail placement and use occasions for the consumer.

In the end, Humm Zero, along with the other kombucha brands that are adding shelf stable line extensions, definitely feels like something that’s poised to reach mainstream consumers. We think they’ve done a superb job executing this product.

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