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Review: Seasons Sparkling

Posted: Apr 06, 2020 at 1:52 PM (Last Updated: Apr 07, 2020 at 10:03 AM)
Seasons Sparkling

Covers Products: Grapefruit Rose, Matcha Ginger Turmeric, Lemon Elderflower, Rooibos Lemon

Season’s Sparkling is a line of sparkling botanical waters that are flavored with organic superfoods, bitters and botanicals. Packaged in 12 oz. cans, the products are zero calorie, free of sweeteners and each flavor features original artwork from a different artist.

There are presently four SKUs in the lineup: Grapefruit Rose, Matcha Ginger Turmeric, Lemon Elderflower and Rooibos Lemon. As you can see from the flavor names, the brand is taking an upscale/elevated approach rather than going with the familiar category staples.

Fortunately, the execution of these formulations is quite solid, starting with Grapefruit Rose, made with grapefruit peel extract, grapefruit bitters and rose essence-- all of which are organic. There’s some nice grapefruit flavor to it, while the touch of rose provides a nice subtle complement. This flavor feels like the one that’s most ready for primetime, both in its execution and potential broad appeal. 

Lemon Elderflower, which is made with lemon, elderflower and quinine extracts, is a close second. It’s a unique and elevated version of a lemon sparkling water, with the elderflower providing some nice depth.

The other two flavors, Rooibos Lemon and Matcha Ginger Turmeric, are the more adventurous of the bunch. They also have 25 mg of caffeine per can from added guarana extract. Matcha, ginger, and turmeric sounds like a great combination for an RTD tea -- and that’s what this product starts to taste like as you make your way through the can. Rooibos Lemon is a bit closer to a flavored sparkling water but still has some herbal tea flavor to it. While both of these products are enjoyable, we think that “tea” needs to be a more prominent part of the messaging and that there should be a larger callout for the caffeine content (presently on the back of the can by the UPC). 

As for the rest of the packaging, Season’s Sparkling has what we’d describe as a whimsical style. There are white unpainted areas at the top and bottom, while the majority of the can has a background that features original artwork. The Seasons Sparkling logo and icon have, along with all of the text elements, been placed on top of this artwork. 

While we like this concept, we think the execution should be refined a bit. Specifically, we’d like there to be a bit more consistency in terms of the readability of the elements on the label. In its present form, some flavors are easier to read than others; Lemon Elderflower, which has yellow in the background, is the hardest to read. In addition, Rooibos Lemon has a pink Seasons Sparkling logo, which might lead one to believe that this is part of another line or different from the others.

Our suggestion is to keep the Seasons Sparkling logo the same on all four SKUs. There are any number of ways that this could be achieved, including adding a heavier outline to the logo or not placing it on top of the artwork. 

In the end, Seasons Sparkling is an enjoyable product that brings some unique flavor and ingredients to the sparkling water category. We think there’s still room for improvement in terms of the visual execution and some of the messaging, but this is definitely a product with potential.

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