SZZL Sparkling Tea

by SZZL Brands, Inc.

Review: SZZL Sparkling Tea

Posted: Jul 14, 2020 at 7:25 PM (Last Updated: Jul 15, 2020 at 3:04 PM)
SZZL Sparkling Tea

Covers Products: Ginger Lime, Peach Perfect

SZZL is a new line of sparkling tea drinks that is launching with two flavors, Peach Perfect and Ginger Lime. The products have 30 calories per 12 ounce can.

To achieve this, SZZL uses a blend of sugar, stevia and fruit juices, along with the base of sparkling tea. Peach Perfect is made with decaffeinated green tea that has been infused with peaches, apple and ginger. Ginger Lime is made with decaffeinated white tea that’s infused with ginger, lime, and tropical fruit. 

Both of the products have crisp tea flavor followed by a touch of fruit and a very light amount of sweetness. The fruit flavors, which add some tartness, are very much on the light side and it’s difficult to pick specific fruit flavors out of the blend. We really couldn’t taste the stevia, which is a major plus. 

Otherwise, the differences between the two flavors are somewhat nuanced. We think that those consumers who enjoy the product will enjoy both. However, we wish that there were perhaps another flavor or two to further flesh out the lineup.

For its label, SZZL uses a shrink sleeve with a matte finish. The cans have a prism pattern that uses a different color palette for each SKU. The SZZL logo runs vertically (with the second Z being reversed) and “Sparkling Tea” sits next to the logo. 

From there, five lines of text that are running horizontally sit in the middle of the front panel. This text contains the flavor name and several lines to describe it. Last, but not least, is a callout for “30 calories per can” that sits inside a white circle with a black outline.

Putting this all together, SZZL has what we’d describe as a modern aesthetic. However, we found their logo slightly hard to read and we wish the front panel were a bit more succinct. 

Otherwise, we were pretty impressed with what we saw and tasted from SZZL. It’s definitely one of the better tasting and better executed sparkling tea products that we’ve sampled.

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