Review: Vermont Village Vinegar Shots

Posted: Sep 13, 2017 at 12:40 PM (Last Updated: Sep 21, 2017 at 2:56 PM)

Covers Products: Blueberries & Honey, Cranberries & Honey, Double Shot, Turmeric & Honey

Vermont Village, which is a company that offers a variety of apple cider vinegar products as well as applesauce, has recently expanded their lineup to include a line of USDA Organic certified apple cider vinegar shots.

The shots are packaged in a 1 oz. pouch package and come in four varieties: Double Shot, Turmeric & Honey, Blueberries & Honey, and Cranberries & Honey. The latter four include honey for both sweetness and flavor, which does a great job of complementing the underlying tang of the apple cider vinegar. Plus, there’s an additional note of flavor -- turmeric, cranberry, ginger, or blueberry, depending on which variety you choose -- and it provides a really nice way to round things out. While we like both of these flavors, we’re probably a bit more partial to the turmeric formulation.

Lastly, there’s Double Shot, which is made exclusively with apple cider vinegar and water. There’s no sweetness or flavor, which results in the most intense flavor of the bunch. The tartness is very strong and something that really packs a punch. That being said, Double Shot is a pretty appropriate name for what they’ve created. However, we wonder if the brand wouldn’t be better off with another flavored offering instead.

As for the packaging and branding of the product, it’s memorable.  It starts with their choice of a 1 oz. pouch style package, which is something that we’ve seen used for more viscous products such as sports and functional gel products. For Vermont Village, it sets the tone for a product that’s intense and efficacious, while their design, which is vibrant and clean, speaks to the products’ simple list of ingredients. While the pouch takes a little bit of practice to drink from with ease, we really like the choice that they’ve made.

The final thought that we have on this product is about its positioning as a shot. At the time of writing this review, there are only a few apple cider vinegar based shot products out there. And most seem to be packaged in a way that they’ll end up as part of the beverage or supplement set. For Vermont Village (which also offers a multiserve concentrate product with a similar formulation), this product is something that feels better suited for being near the register or perhaps not even being in traditional retail at all. Whether or not that’s what they are going for isn’t obvious, but we appreciate that there’s some potential to be outside of the crowded beverage cooler.

Overall, we really like what Vermont Village has created with this product. As far as apple cider vinegar products are concerned, this feels like one of the more convenient and well-executed products out there right now.

Editor's Note: A fifth flavor in the Vinegar Shot line, Ginger & Honey, was not sampled as part of this review.

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