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by Mojis, Inc.

Review: Weller CBD Sparkling Water

Posted: Jul 01, 2019 at 1:00 PM (Last Updated: Jul 11, 2019 at 3:32 PM)

Covers Products: Black Cherry - CBD 25mg, Tangerine - CBD 25mg, Watermelon - CBD 25mg

Announced this Spring, Weller CBD Sparkling Water is the first beverage product from Weller, a company that produces CBD snacks and powdered products. The line includes three unsweetened flavors: Watermelon, Black Cherry, and Tangerine. The products are packaged in 12 ounce cans and contain 25 mg of CBD per container (as well as added Quillaja extract and MCT oil).

For a product that’s labelled as a dietary supplement, the flavors are all quite enjoyable, and not just just your run-of-the-mill sparkling water flavors. Plus, all three flavors are milder than most of the products in the category. 

Black Cherry has a flavor reminiscent of a classic black cherry soda; at least for our palates, this was the strongest of the three. Watermelon has an accurate profile that tastes like a slice of watermelon. Finally, Tangerine has a bright citrus flavor but lacks the tartness often found in orange flavored beverages. 

We would for sure drink any of these just based on flavor alone. However, we did feel that these had a slight dry mouth effect, something that is sometimes found in various CBD beverages. 

As we mentioned earlier, these products are packaged in 12 ounce cans witha sleeve label that has a matte finish. The core of the design are pastel colored waves -- with each flavor having its own accent colors -- that make up the background and loosely resemble rolling hills. 

A fair amount of text is included on top of the background, starting with the “W+” logo rather than the Weller logo found on the brand’s other products. It feels somewhat technical in nature given the prominence of “CBD 25 mg,” which is the second largest element on the label and what sits smack in the middle of it.

It’s certainly not the sexiest looking CBD drink out there; thanks to the text heavy design and the callout for “dietary supplement” on the front of the can, it’s rather one of the more serious looking. That being said, this looks like a credible functional product, which is something that we can’t say about all CBD beverages out there. 

While some of the text on the label could probably be tightened up visually, our only specific feedback is that we’d like to see the Weller name and logo on the front of this product. The rest of Weller’s products have this and it would both help the visual appeal of this product and make it consistent.

In the end, this is a drink line from a company that is all about functional CBD products. We think that Weller has done a pretty good job with their first effort in beverages and they’ve created something that, with some slight tweaking, should be in a really good spot to grab a share of the CBD beverage category.

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