ONE ROQ Spirits Raises $1M Seed Round

SAN DIEGO– ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of ONE ROQ Vodka and the announces official completion of its $1M Seed funding via direct public offering. Net proceeds from the financing have gone towards the development and commercialization of ONE ROQ’s paradigm-shifting, brand experience and membership platform, a first-mover business model promising to break through traditional market barriers and even reduce weaknesses from public market volatilities like the those created from pandemics.

ONE  ROQ is the superior lifestyle brand inviting consumers to ‘Own Their Spirit’  by investing as little as $100 to receive an equity stake in the ONE ROQ Vodka brand and its future.  By doing so, Members are rewarded with the authentic experience of owning what they drink and drinking what they own, whereby enabling consumers to impart control over the destiny of their investment.  Membership includes several additional lifestyle perks unique only to ONE ROQ.

“ONE ROQ’s recent funding success is a testament to the larger resiliency of the beverage alcohol market as a whole,” shares Garrett Green,  Founder/CEO.  “Consumers drink in good, bad and uncertain times, and with ONE ROQ, they can now enjoy the financial opportunities of that market as well.”

ONE ROQ’s unique business model leverages new SEC approved securities laws and cutting-edge marketing strategy allowing it to safeguard itself from well-known industry barriers and public market volatilities such as those created by the Coronavirus. ONE ROQ is looking forward to emerging in 2020 as the most innovative adult beverage brand of the decade, if not the century.

The US distilled spirits market is currently sized at 74B annually with vodka representing over 30% of the overall market – a dominant slice of the market.  Consumption of the high-end segment of the market is driven by a desire for superior taste, credentials and brand experience.


ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka, a next-generation adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy to position the next success story within the 74 billion distilled spirits market. Since launching Oct 15, 2018, the Company has enrolled over 2500 Members, hosting Member events at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Hamptons, the Nassau County Museum of Art, Art Basel, Sundance and X Games Aspen. ONE ROQ vision is to build the world’s first adult beverage brand owned exclusively –  by everyone.