Coladka Inc. Hires New Leadership

Coladka Inc. is happy to announce the onboarding of our new President Wil Cooper in late August of 2021. The growth and development of Coladka Vodka and Adventure Nectar malternative beverages will be Wil’s focus. Wil comes from over a decade of experience in the adult beverage world most recently with Coronado Brewing Co. as there Southeast Regional Manager and previously with Diageo-Guinness in brand development.

“With experience in both malt beverages and spirits Wil Cooper will be able to lead our brand into the future. Growing both the Coladka Vodka and the Adventure Brands” – Drew Schenck, CEO.

“Our new line of Adventure Nectar malternative beverages are going to lead our company into uncharted territories for Coladka Inc. and it was paramount that we find a leader to make sure we launch this correctly.” – Kevin Barrett, Chief Flavor Officer.

“In the first 90 days we have been able to drive brand development and innovation. Adventure Brands has gone from a single solo Hard Cola to a Lime Hard Cola, Lemon Hard Cola, and Black Cherry Hard Cola. With Kevin’s knowledge of flavors, we have been able to create a sparkling tonic with natural botanical flavors, think Long Drink, called Jyn Tonic which will release Q1 2022. Exciting times for Coladka Vodka & Adventure Nectar family of brands.” – Wil Cooper, President.

Currently Coladka Vodka is available in NC, MI, ME, WV, and VT. Adventure Nectar brands malternative beverages has distribution agreements in place for launch in PA, NJ, MI, CO, MN, ND, and MT in 2022 and more to come in 2022. Find your adventure!

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