Rockstar Roasted Espresso

by Rockstar, Inc.

(323) 822-2840

Official Brand Overview

WAKE UP, GET ROASTED. ROCKSTAR ROASTED is an amazing mix of the finest espresso coffee, fresh milk and cream packed with the powerful blend of Original Rockstar. Enhanced with the potent herbal blend of Guarana, Ginkgo, Ginseng and Milk Thistle, ROASTED is scientifically formulated to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles–from athletes to rock stars. Rockstar Roasted is available in 3 delicious flavors: Latte, Mocha and Light Vanilla (with 50% less fat & 50% fewer calories than original Rockstar Roasted.) Enjoy this fully refreshing beverage super chilled. Party like a Rockstar.

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