BevNET 2007 Best Marketing Campaign: Fred

Introducing Fred: Humanizing Bottled Water” At a time when most marketing campaigns involve getting a photo with Paris Hilton, the folks behind Fred water turned the idea on its head: now, celebrities, consumers, shopkeepers, want to have their photos taken with Fred. Building a cult of water personality proved to be a cinch for the crew at Fred, seasoned marketers all. Here’s their unorthodox approach, which won Fred “Best Marketing Campaign of 2007.”


By setting up as an online hangout, brand begins to build identity, including Fred as “cool dude” receiving invites to exclusive par­ties, like HappyCorp’s LVHRD.


Fred gets the Andy Warhol treatment on the street.


Media mention Fred as popular. Mission accomplished! Fred now rhymes with Celeb! (Kinda.)


Up the Pacifi c Coast, all over Boston, at festivals like Burning Man, photos and videos show the product out and about, on the scene.