GuS (Grown-up Soda): Ripe for Expansion

New York City, February 2004 -Thanks to overwhelming success at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show, GuS is expanding beyond the New York Metro area into new markets: the West Coast, Northeast, Midwest and South.

“Based on such strong consumer acceptance in our leading markets, and a glowing reaction to GuS by West Coast and Midwest retailers and distributors at the Show, we’re now confident about developing additional markets. Many of these markets are ideal for our distinctively light, natural soda.” — Steve Hersh, creator and president of GuS

Grown-up News
. Distributor Big Geyser has succeeded…GuS is sold in over 200 stores in the New York Metro area.

. GuS can now be found in Whole Food’s newest market in NYC, with expansion slated for the Northeast and Southern Divisions

. GuS announces a new flavor – Dry Crimson Grape. Plump berry with a tart-sweet, aromatic grape flavor.

. Natural cane sugar replaces corn syrup in Grown-up Sodas…Not only are they delicious and low in calories. they’re all-natural.

What is GuS?
GuS (Grown-up Soda) is the all-natural carbonated drink made for the grown-up consumer – delivering real fruit flavor and containing two-thirds the sweetness of regular sodas!

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