Fillmore Street Brewery and Pimp Juice Invite Fans to “Take a Ride” with Nelly!

Los Angeles, CA – Hip Hop Artist Nelly and Fillmore Street Brewery (Manufacturer of Pimp Juice), in conjunction with Reuther Chrysler Jeep of St. Louis, Missouri, have placed two Pimp Juice Promotional vehicles on Ebay in order to raise money for the Jes Us 4 Jackie Fund, founded by Nelly and his sister Jackie Donahue.

The Vehicles, a 2004 PT Cruiser and 2004 Jeep Wrangler, were custom designed with ads built and made available by Montana Muscle and classics of Stevensville, Montana.

The winning bidders will not only receive the car, but be supplied with 20 cases of Pimp Juice, a Nelly autographed picture of the vehicle made out to the buyer, and a special limited edition Authenticity plaque.
Nelly and Fillmore Street have decided to sell these vehicles and allocate the profits from the sale to benefit the Jes Us 4 Jackie Fund, which was established in June 2003 to encourage the public, in particular African Americans, to participate in Donor Registry Programs in order to save lives.
To check out the vehicles, please visit the EBAY.

Pimp Juice is a healthy, non-carbonated energy drink possessing a tropical berry flavor, which represents the new and improved energy drink for today’s active and health conscious consumer. This pioneering drink has been recognized by the respected industry trade BevNet (The Beverage Network) as the “People’s Choice” for best energy drink, as well as being touted by Vibe magazine as the “best energy drink.” Fillmore Street Brewery currently has 100 distributors across the country with international distribution in 8 countries including Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Nelly and Fillmore Street Brewery would like to thank Reuther Chrysler Jeep and MT Muscle and Classics for all of their help with the vehicles and getting them on Ebay! Pimp Juice fans look out for PJ Tight, the low carb version of Pimp Juice coming to a store near you!

For Press Inquiries, please contact Juliette Harris of “it” Girl Public Relations at (310) 577-1122