Sri Lankan community unites around new coir weaving wheel.
Tsunami relief activities.

(Bucks County, Pennsylvania)- Although news broadcasts and publications have all but terminated tsunami-related coverage, Sri Lankans continue to suffer from the repercussions of the mile high wave that destroyed their country over six months ago. The Sri Lanka Foundation is aware that the dire needs of the Sri Lankan survivors are not being addressed and have developed a program to build a “Sister Village” consisting of more than 500 homes, a community center, hospital, and other facilities through the growing support of generous individuals and businesses toward the five million dollar goal. Recently, businessmen Eric Schnell and Steve Kessler, co-founders of the Healthy Beverage Company and co-creators of Steaz Green Tea Soda, have begun a generous regular donation of their company’s profits to the Sri Lanka Foundation.
Steaz Soda is an innovative beverage company started in Bucks County, Pennsylvania which has created the leading green tea soda, obtained from the mystic mountains of Sri Lanka. Their connection to the devastating situation in South East Asia is a personal one. Eric Schnell, Co-Founder, states, “I hope through our actions of donating to the Sri Lanka Foundation, that we can set a trend for other businesses to contribute as well. It is important to remember the people whose work contributes to our products. We chose the Sri Lanka Foundation because of the dedication of those working with the Sri Lanka Foundation is worth supporting.”

The Sri Lanka Foundation, based in Los Angeles, California, immediately took charge in coordinating relief efforts and providing medical aid to the victims of the tsunami that devastated their country. Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, Founder of the Sri Lanka Foundation, is determined to rebuild shelters, improve educational facilities, provide health care, and uplift the spirits of Sri Lankans. While support and aid is still desperately needed, the Sri Lanka Foundation is thrilled to be joined by the generous people and companies, like Steaz Soda, who have contributed to the efforts in Sri Lanka.
Dr. Jayasinghe reports, “There is still an extensive amount of work to be done, but we can be assured we are on a winning path with the dedication of conscientious individuals like Eric and Steve. Their donation is immediately helping to build hope and to build the lives of the children and adults whose families were torn apart by the tsunami.”

For more information on the Sri Lanka Foundation and how you can join Steaz Soda’s efforts, please call (866) 999-0374 or visit their website at For additional information on Steaz Soda, please visit or call (800)295-1388. Contact Alissa Sears at Christie Communications at (805) 565-4122.