T42® introduces two new teas White Tea w/ Pomegranate and a low calorie Green Tea w/ Wild Berry

@@img1Palm Beach Gardens FL – Teacrest Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of two new teas to its “classic tea” line-up. White Tea w/ Pomegranate, a moderately sweetened tea, is the first white T42 offering and Green Tea w/ Wild Berry with only 18 calories per serving.

“We saw the demand for a white tea just increasing and decided we had to develop a stand-out beverage for our customer base,” said Maurice Hakim, President of Teacrest. “We chose pomegranate as our first white tea flavor because of its current popularity. The response has been over-whelming.”

Teacrest has continued to stay away from using artificial sweeteners preferring to use less natural sweeteners. T42 English Breakfast Tea, was the first T42 tea to offer fewer calories (45 p.s.) and it was voted #1 black tea in a recently held contest by a national magazine”

Added Mr. Hakim, “As a small tea company we have to remain competitive and responsive. We also wanted to address our customers’ requests for beverages with low carbs. Green Tea w/ Wild Berry does that. It has 18 calories per serving with just enough sugar to mitigate the stringency of green tea while maintaining the overall tea and flavor experience. We anticipated adding other flavors soon.”
White Tea – Pomegranate and Green Tea – Wild Berry are now part of Teacrest’s growing line of all-natural Classic Teas which includes English Breakfast, Iced Tea with Lemon, Earl Grey, Green Tea w/ Honey & Lemon, and Green Tea – Ginger.

In addition to these traditional teas, Teacrest also manufactures six all-natural, caffeine-free, fruit flavored Herbal Teas. These include Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Mango, Peach, Raspberry and Strawberry.

“Our teas do not taste like the watered down teas that are currently populating the retail shelves.”

Teacrest’s teas do not contain any “nutraceuticals” or little known herbs or flavors. “As far as any of our beverages are concerned, we do not make any unsupportable health claims.” Mr. Hakim added that “Our philosophy has always been that any Teacrest brew should be the most refreshing beverage on the market And to that end, our teas do not taste like the watered down teas that are currently populating the retail shelves.”

T42 retails in gourmet markets and natural food stores in the East Coast, Mid-West, Florida and Canada.

For further information contact: Carol Bernton (in-house) 561-691-9147