Los Angeles Beverage Company, Mojo Sciences, Launches Mojo Energy DrinkT


Los Angeles, CA – January 04, 2007 – Mojo Sciences, a division of privately held beverage company Rocus, Inc., announced today the launch of its pilot beverage, Mojo Energy DrinkT. Mojo Energy Drink offers a new option for consumers with its distinctive taste, health conscious ingredients and unique rush. The natural ingredients include pineapple and passion fruit juice for a total of 7% fruit juice. This, combined with other recuperative ingredients, makes Mojo Energy Drink unique in the energy drink market. Packaged in a thin 8.4 ounce can, Mojo Energy Drink strikes a distinguished image with its cobalt blue and gold brand design. Mojo Energy Drink will first be marketed locally at select locations in Southern California and is available through its website, www.mojoenergy.com.

Growing tired of the taste of existing energy drinks, two Pasadena IT professionals, Josh Rother and Colin Lucas, founded Mojo Sciences. Rother and Lucas,were in pursuit of a beverage that had energy drink ingredients without the typical medicinal aftertaste. Unable to find anything like this among the wealth of current energy dinks on the market, the two decided to make it themselves. “Developing the taste was quite an adventure,” says Rother. “Since our goal was to have a flavor that was natural, pleasing and stimulating. The ingredients inherent in most energy drinks do not lend themselves to good taste. To work around this we had to get very creative with natural juices and spices. We are very pleased with the outcome and are amazed that we were able to come up with a flavor unlike anything on the market.”.

The achievement of this goal was confirmed by a BevNet.com prereview assessment in November 2005, “Out of the gate, Mojo’s flavor is definitely its biggest asset. The orange flavor is sweet and natural tasting, while the spice gives it a complex and sophisticated bite. The use of fruit juice helps this product greatly, giving it one of the most natural tasting flavors in the category. Notes of pineapple and passion fruit flavors are easily distinguishable.”

Mojo Sciences believes that as far as functionality, Mojo Energy Drink offers a cleaner rush than its competitors. “Most energy drinks cram in as much caffeine as they can, which gives you a jolt that makes you feel like your heart is going to explode, or like you’re out of control with excess energy. The buzz that you get from Mojo Energy Drink is quite different. You feel revived and energized, yet you feel in control. You feel good. That’s a huge point of differentiation between Mojo Energy Drink and other energy drinks” said Rother.

Mojo Sciences encourages buyers and distributors to inquire via the website.

About Mojo Sciences
Mojo Sciences is the energy drink division of Rocus, Inc. Mojo Sciences designed, manufactures, and markets the beverage, Mojo Energy DrinkT. Mojo Energy Drink, and the Mojo Energy Drink logo are trademarks of Rocus, Inc.