Pop Shoppe Looking for Partners

The Pop Shoppe announced that the board of directors and advisors to the company, have come to agreement to look for a suitor to either joint venture with and or acquire the brands of the company.

Through sound marketing initiatives the company has garnered international attention. The demand for their full line soda brands has accelerated the growth of the corporation. Brian Alger, President, explains, “the response for our products, has been incredible. We believe the best way to meet the growth needs of the company is by way of being acquired”. The company believes that they can easily satisfy the present customers needs, however, the requirement for bottling, distributing and sales on an international level can only be accomplished by working directly with a larger beverage company.

“This decision is very significant. We have been approached and have had a few informal discussions with possible partners. At the time we were not in a position to complete a deal” said Brian. Now that the company has finalized their strategic plans, they feel they can enter into formal discussions.

Primarily the company has suggested that the best candidate companies they would look at are companies looking to broaden their offerings and can support significant growth.

“We have not come to any conclusion with regards to financial amounts that would satisfy the shareholders, however, we have agreed to look at both cash and stock proposals” said Paul Ogilvie, lead consultant to the company.

The company hopes to enter into discussions in January, and anticipates being able to complete the contemplated transaction in the first quarter.

About The Pop Shoppe
The Pop Shoppe and it’s trademarks are wholly owned by Brian Alger. The company markets a full line of premium soda brands – Lime Ricky, Black Cherry, Cream Soda, Grape, Orange, Pineapple, Root Beer and Cola,. The Pop Shoppe is a widely recognized brand from the 70’s that was re-launched two years ago. For more information on the company history and their products please visit: www.thepopshoppe.com

For further information on partnerships, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions please contact: Paul Ogilvie 905 467 4221 pogilvie@cogeco.ca