CARPE DIEM Beverages Redefine the Functional Bottled Water Landscape in North America

SANTA MONICA, CA – January 2007 – AMI Brands, LLC( announced a strategic partnership with CARPE DIEM ( beverages in North America. CARPE DIEM, the brain child of Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder and Managing Shareholder of Red Bull (, is a completely natural line of functional beverages that has been under successful scrutiny and enjoyed by a happy few in Southern California over the last 12 months. CARPE DIEM has already built solid ground in Western Europe, perceived as a break through beverage innovation.

“Similarly to how Red Bull opened up a new beverage category around the world, CARPE DIEM is meant to offer a new functional, healthier drinking experience. Based on the knowledge of botany and homeopathy we selected a natural blend of 25 different botanical ingredients, with a taste profile unlike any other beverages” says Dietrich Mateschitz. “As such, CARPE DIEM fits perfectly within our stated strategy to offer North American consumers with everyday healthier beverages of choice” adds Olivier Sonnois, CEO of AMI Brands. “CARPE DIEM will join our established platform of premium beverages poised for growth.”

“All CARPE DIEM products are made with Natural Spring Water, 100% Natural, with no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives and no artificial colors and slightly carbonated. Our three Botanic Waters are made with a complex blend of 8 to 9 herbs each offering consumers a concrete functionality: RELAXING with passion flower, lemon balm, thyme and rose petals, VITALIZING with ginger, lemon grass, cardamom and elderflower, HARMONIZING with hibiscus, acai and Dandelion” explains Nicolas Warchalowski, Managing Director of Carpe Diem USA. “CARPE DIEM KOMBUCHA, GINKGO and KEFIR contain ingredients whose captivating healthier contributions have been talked about since the Tsin Dynasty in China 221 BC.”

CARPE DIEM beverages are targeted towards consumers who take everyday steps towards their wellbeing and want to combine unique taste with the addition of healthier nutrients. CARPE DIEM will be initially made available through targeted channels of trade focusing on wellness products.

AMI Brands, LLC is the exclusive importer of Volvic Natural Spring Water and Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water in United States and Canada. The company focuses on marketing and distribution of healthier beverages.