Drink to Your Health: ONE Natural Experience Introduces O.N.E.T Amazon Açaí: Grow Line of “Better for You” Beverages From Brazil

Los Angeles and San Francisco – Jan. 2007 – at the Winter Fancy Food Show, O.N.E.T (One Natural Experience) World Enterprises announced the launch of O.N.E.T Amazon Açaí, (pronounced: ah-sigh-ee) the second product offering in the company’s line of healthy, natural beverages from Brazil.

“The response to O.N.E.T Coconut Water since our launch last summer has been extremely positive and we are excited to expand our offering of natural beverages with the introduction of O.N.E.T Amazon Açaí, a natural and delicious juice loaded with health benefits,” said Rodrigo Veloso, president of O.N.E.T World Enterprises. “As the pursuit of wellness broadens in the U.S., health-conscious consumers are looking to countries like Brazil for natural foods that have been consumed for centuries. Brazilians have long tapped into the tremendous health benefits of both açaí and coconut water, and we are excited to bring them to the U.S. market.”

O.N.E.T Amazon Açaí
O.N.E.T Amazon Açaí is a 100% natural beverage made from açaí berries – which are considered one the most nutritious superfoods in the world – that are “wild crafted” in the Amazon Rainforest, meaning they are harvested in nature, not farmed. O.N.E.T Amazon Açaí is the only brand made from fresh berries in Brazil, not from concentrate. Loaded with health benefits and bursting with natural energy, O.N.E.T Amazon Açaí contains more antioxidants than pomegranates or blueberries – including premature aging-combating anthocyanins – and is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as amino acids, vitamins B and E and ellagic acid. It also has a splash of acerola (Amazon cherry), which contains more vitamin C than an orange. Unlike other Acai juices and smoothies in the market, O.N.E. Amazon Açaí is produced in Brazil from the fresh açaí berries.

A staple in Brazilians’ diets for decades, açaí began gaining favor among surfers for its ability to give them a healthy boost of energy and has now landed on American shores for those looking for extra stamina and energy along with extraordinary nutritional value O.N.E.T Amazon Açaí helps to combat premature aging, bolster the immune system, improve mental clarity and clean and detoxify the body.

O.N.E.T Amazon Açaí comes in single-serve 11oz. ready-to-drink, pull-tab Tetra-Paks, and will be available in the US and Canada in February 2007. The suggested retail price is $2.49 to $2.99.

O.N.E.T Coconut Water
The company’s premiere product, O.N.E.T Coconut Water is the clear liquid inside a young green coconut, pure and simple. Naturally purified as it is filtered through the dense fibers of coconuts for nine months, it is a nutritious, pure and refreshing isotonic beverage. One hundred percent natural, with five essential electrolytes and more potassium than a banana, it has no added sugars, no fat, no cholesterol and no preservatives.

The response among retailers to the 2005 Southern California launch of O.N.E.T Coconut Water was remarkable: O.N.E.T became the number-one selling alternative beverage after only three weeks on shelves at Whole Foods Markets. Distribution quickly expanded to include grocery and health food stores in Northern California and the company is now working with Tree of Life, UNFI, Dale Cox (Bay Area), Gourmet Merchants International (SoCal), Kehe Distribution and Wildwest/Suntopia (Canada) to expand distribution of its current and future products nationwide.

Established to meet the needs of the growing revolution of natural consumers in the United States looking for unprocessed, healthy products and committed to continually providing the highest quality, natural beverages, O.N.E.T plans to expand its line to include more than five beverages by the end of 2007.

Brazilian born Veloso says, “A key to this market is strong supplier relationships. We have developed loyal relationships with the top suppliers in Brazil so that we can continuously provide the American market with only the highest quality ‘better for you’ products.

About O.N.E.T World Enterprises
O.N.E.T World Enterprises was established in 2005 in order to fulfill the growing demand for natural and healthier products in the U.S. market by providing a packaged all natural coconut water that serves as a healthier and natural alternative to sports drinks, energy drinks, sodas, enhanced waters and bottled waters. O.N.E.T Coconut Water is a product of Brazil. O.N.E.T is committed to the sustainability of the Amazon rainforest and donates a percentage of profits to not-for-profit organizations such as the Children’s Health and Environmental Coalition. (www.Checnet.org). To learn more about O.N.E. go to www.onenaturalexperience.com.