BURN Energy Drink Puts Consumers on Front Page

February 12, 2007 – As part of BURN’s national campaign to share “Energy for the Good Life”, consumers can submit pictures online and have the opportunity to get their few days of fame.

“Brands these days are just extensions of peoples’ lifestyles, and we love to see what people are doing with BURN,” said Angela Tanksley, promotions assistant for Source Beverages. “Some of the pics we get are sweet, and some are just outrageous.”

Consumers are displaying more and more aspects of their personal life online with sites like MySpace, YouTube and FaceBook. Brands like BURN that allow consumers to participate in their marketing form more of a bond with their customers.

“Product information is readily available just about anywhere these days,” Tanksley says. “User-generated content keeps our site dynamic and continually puts a fresh face on BURN.”

“We’ve seen everything from surfers chugging one down before paddling out to soldiers in Iraq drinking BURN on duty. Some of the college pics are the most entertaining, though.”

Consumers can submit pictures online at www.sourcedrinks.com via a simple online form.

About Source®
The Source® line of alternative beverages includes the world’s strongest and healthiest energy drink, Source BURN® and zero-carb Sugar Free Source BURN®, named Best New Product of 2004 by Stagnitos New Products Magazine. With or without the carbs, BURN delivers a tasty, crisply carbonated blend of 118 mg of caffeine, guarana, ginseng, taurine, vitamins B-6 and B-12, and antioxidants A, C and E in every can. Available in both 8.4oz and 16oz sizes, you’ll find Source BURN and zero-carb Sugar Free Source BURN in bike shops, nightclubs, bars, cafes, gyms and convenience stores all across the U.S. Source Beverages are manufactured by P.R. Performance Inc. For more information, call 336.540.9476 or visit www.sourcedrinks.com.