LIVT Sports Drink Now at Gourmet Garage

Princeton, New Jersey – February 20, 2007 – LIVT Sports Drink continues to blanket Manhattan, announcing that it is now available at Gourmet Garage. Other premier retailers already carrying LIV include Eli’s Manhattan, The Vinegar Factory, Dean & DeLuca, The Garden of Eden, Grace’s Marketplace, Food Liberation Market, Elm Health and Yura! LIV was just introduced in the Summer of 2006.

LIV, which is designed for athletes, active adults and kids, is positioned to dominate leading sports drinks in taste and health benefits. Its most important differentiating factor is LIV’s use of agave nectar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

Other big company news includes:

. The introduction of LIV Orange, which joins LIV Lemon and Berry drinks.
. All three LIV flavors will now be offered in a 12 oz. bottle, which joins its 20 oz. offering. These new options will be available at retail later this month.
. LIVT has just launched a poster campaign called “Truth”, directly challenging consumers to explore the ingredients in their sports drinks.

. Developed by GoPoster, the ads launched initially in Manhattan and Brooklyn where they will run via street level poster boards located on high traffic streets. The campaign will likely continue in South Florida, Philadelphia, Boston, and Denver.

The SRP on the 12 oz. LIV will be $1.25-$1:50. The 20-ounce bottle has an SRP of $1.99-$3.00.

Nancy Dince, COO of Ritorna Natural, commented, “LIV has been targeting Manhattan as a test market as it is an absolute epicenter of trend setting even in sports nutrition. Its strong community of active, health conscious consumers, appreciate and love LIV. They are also reacting to our “Truth” campaign which dares them to better understand the contents of their sports drinks.”

About Gourmet Garage:
Gourmet Garage was founded in 1981, originally as Flying Foods, a wholesaler serving the great restaurants of New York City and other city centers around the U.S. The company imported and distributed fresh seafood, game, organic and specialty fruits and vegetables, and hard to find grocery items to the chefs of fine restaurants nationwide.
Gourmet Garage currently has five stores in Manhattan neighborhood locations, all devoted to the same quality and variety standards set by our original demanding chef clientele.

About Ritorna Natural:
Princeton-based Ritorna Natural, Inc. maker of LIV, was formed in 2005. The company aims to create and market products that promote a healthy approach to life, nutrition and athletic training. The primary objective is to create products that taste good, improve athletic performance and contain only natural ingredients. Ritorna produces LIV Natural at H.A. Rider in Watsonville CA. LIV is certified Kosher.