airforce Nutrisoda Boards The Style Bus

MINNEAPOLIS, (March 13, 2007) – airforce® Nutrisoda® announced today that it will be one of the featured products on The Style Network’s “Style Bus” tour. The Style Bus will be coming to local communities in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Nashville, St. Louis and Los Angeles and will feature complimentary mini-makeover beauty events. These events will be open to the public and aim to raise awareness for the Dress for Success S.O.S., Send One Suit, campaign.

The Style Network’s Style Bus will host a three-day event within each community. During each event, each of airforce Nutrisoda’s eight delicious flavors will be served including the newest Nutrisoda, Renew. Renew is the first soda with a full gram of dietary fiber and additional cutting edge amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Renew is the perfect compliment to this spa like experience as it’s all about replenishment and rejuvenation. Each of the eight Nutrisoda’s are packed with vital nutrients to achieve a specific wellness benefit. Full of natural fruit flavors, natural colors and water that is filtered four times for extra purity, Nutrisoda is intelligent refreshment.

airforce Nutrisoda continues its strong commitment to raise awareness and support for Dress for Success, which began with the launch of airforce Nutrisoda’s “Style Conscience” initiative featuring t-shirts made by edun LIVE. The Style Conscience initiative committed 100% of the profits to Dress For Success and supported their efforts, both in the U.S. and internationally, to help disadvantaged women achieve economic independence. Being included on The Style Network’s Style Bus, Nutrisoda has again asserted its commitment to be the Good Soda by not only tasting good and being good for you, but by doing good as well!

About airforce® Nutrisoda®
Introduced in 2004, airforce Nutrisoda, targets on-the-go, nutritionally-aware people who also enjoy new experiences and discovering new products. Each of the eight flavors within the portfolio feature striking packaging and contain vitamins and minerals formulated to achieve a specific wellness benefit. The products have zero sugar, zero aspartame, zero sodium and zero to few calories, appealing to fashion & health-conscious consumers. Nutrisodas in the line include: Immune, Energize, Flex, Focus, Calm, Radiant, Slender and Renew.

airforce® Nutrisoda® is available nationwide at select retail stores ,fine grocers, national airports, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, clubs, spa locations and online. With a strong commitment to social and environmental causes, airforce Nutrisoda tastes good, looks good, and does good. Call us the Good Soda.

About Ardea Beverage Company
The Ardea Beverage Company is dedicated to the development and marketing of nutrient enhanced sodas that deliver a health and wellness benefit in a safe, delicious and convenient format. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minn.

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