Circle K Expands Award Winning Energy Drink Line


Corona, CA March 22, 2007 – Circle K has announced the addition of two new flavors and a 24oz size to the award winning VIXEN ENERGY and TALON ENERGY drink brand line ups. The new line extensions will debut in April 2007, beginning with the Western US Division Circle K stores. The VIXEN ENERGY and TALON ENERGY brands are currently exclusive to the Circle K chain in the US.
New to the TALON ENERGY line is 16oz “TALON BLOOD PUNCH,” which puts a new twist on traditional fruit punch by blending in natural blood orange flavor. Blood oranges look similar to traditional oranges on the outside, but on the inside have a bloody looking juice and a unique flavor. “We believe that our core energy drink customers are going to be attracted by the blood punch name and graphics, but keep coming back for the incredible taste and premium energy effects,” said Mark Wright, Circle K Category Manager.

TALON ENERGY is also clawing its way into the newer big can market with 24oz TALON ENERGY in the original flavor. The new can size is dubbed “triple eight,” boasting triple the volume of 8oz energy drinks. According to Wright, “the 24oz segment of the energy category continues to grow in our stores and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers the top selling Talon sku in that size also.”

VIXEN ENERGY, which was recently awarded the prestigious American Graphic Design Award, is also expanding with the introduction of VIXEN FOXPUNCH. The new red logo 16oz FOXPUNCH is believed to be the first sugar-free punch energy drink on the market. “According to Mark Wright, “.the citrus flavors are the best selling in the category and the punch flavored VIXEN FOXPUNCH has a strong point of difference within that segment.”

The launch and expansion of the TALON ENERGY and VIXEN ENERGY brands are part of Circle K’s strategy to increase category profits and chain loyalty by creating premium brands that start out being exclusive to the franchise. According to Chris Wilson, the Western Divisions’ Director of Marketing, “.the program gives us a meaningful point of difference over other chains and enhances our category profitability.”

The supplier partner in the product development process and ongoing production of TALON ENERGY and VIXEN ENERGY is Fluid Motion Beverage Inc., who creates branded beverages for large retailers and distributors.

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