Fizzy Lizzy and Exclusive Beverage Enter into Exclusive Distribution Agreement

NEW YORK, NY – Fizzy Lizzy LLC announced today that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Exclusive Beverage, Inc., a leading distributor of high-end non-alcoholic beverages, for distribution of the Fizzy Lizzy line of sparkling fruit juices throughout New York City and Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Elizabeth Morrill, Founder and CEO of Fizzy Lizzy LLC, stated “We couldn’t be more excited about teaming up with Exclusive. Exclusive has established itself as the most effective distributor of high-end non-alcoholic beverages in the New York metropolitan area. They are second to none in customer service and merchandising. We expect to see a significant increase in market penetration as a result of this agreement.”

For his part, Steve Gress, Co-Founder and President of Exclusive stated, “We’re thrilled to add Fizzy Lizzy to our portfolio. Fizzy Lizzy has always had the highest quality product in its category but never had the distribution to match. Now, with the benefit of our extensive account base, our dedicated sales force and merchandising abilities, we are confident that Fizzy Lizzy will realize its much-deserved potential.”

About Exclusive Beverage
Exclusive Beverage is the leading distributor of natural, healthy, organic and upscale beverages in New York City and Long Island. In addition to Fizzy Lizzy, Exclusive’s portfolio includes Bombilla Gourd, New Leaf, Hint, Langers, Vita Coco, O Water, Jana, Luvli, Purity Organic, San Faustino, Jones and Veryfine.

About Fizzy Lizzy
Fizzy Lizzy is an all-natural line of beverages consisting of fruit juice and sparkling water with no added sugar or corn syrup. The brand’s flavors include Red Hill Pomegranate, Gulf Coast Tangerine, Mount Fuji Apple, Lone Star Grapefruit, Yakima Valley Grape, Pacific Raspberry Lemon, Costa Rican Pineapple and Northern Lights Cranberry. Last month Fizzy Lizzy was named a Finalist in two categories of the 2007 NASFT Product Awards Competition. Fizzy Lizzy Costa Rican Pineapple was chosen as a Finalist in the “Outstanding Cold Beverage” category and all eight Fizzy Lizzy flavors together were chosen as a Finalist in the “Outstanding Product Line” category. In 2005, named Fizzy Lizzy “Best Carbonated Soft Drink.” Fizzy Lizzy is available in select supermarket chains and gourmet food stores across the country. For more information, please call 800-203-9336 and/or visit