Lake Success, New York —– Ferolito Vultaggio & Sons, makers of AriZona Beverages, is introducing a new ” Fridge Box” to its package portfolio. The “Fridge Box” is a 12-pack dispenser carton that holds 12-11.5 ounce cans and has a longer and thinner shape for better space management in home refrigerators. Five different AriZona products, Lemon Tea, Green Tea, Diet Green Tea, Raspberry Tea and Sweet Tea, will each get their own individual “Fridge Box.” Each “Fridge Box” will carry the product’s colorful graphics that are now depicted on can and bottle labels.

“50% of all soft drinks are sold in multi-packs and the 12-ounce can is the most widely consumed soft drink and beer package.” said John Balboni, President of New Product Development for the Company. “That’s why we decided to put the hottest ready-to-drink tea in America into the hottest can package.”


“From the beginning packaging has been instrumental in selling the AriZona Brand. Our package is the last point of communication before a consumer makes the decision to purchase so we decided to take the graphics from our cans and bottles and wallpaper them on our ‘Fridge Box’. We think that the convenience of the ‘Fridge Box’ coupled with the great look and taste of AriZona should be a real winner for the brand.

The AriZona “Fridge Box” is being introduced nationally.