T42 – Emulated but not Duplicated

Palm Beach Gardens FL – July, 2007 . In what must be the supreme compliment to Teacrest’s line of “Classic Teas”, the country’s leading mass market tea bottler has paid homage to the skills of our company by creating a new line of black teas. Not only has the Snapple company just introduced Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Orange Pekoe (an iced tea), it has stylized its new packaging along the lines of Teacrest’s shelf imposing T42 designs and cleaver witticisms as well as using the term “classic”.

“I suppose creating a line that overtly draws on its competition’s marketing expertise, particularly its graphic creativity, is a great compliment albeit it shows a lack of its own creativity on their part,” said Maurice Hakim, President of Teacrest. “One would think that with all their capital resources, Snapple could try to come up with something more original. Even their attempt to provide a wry description of their teas comes quite close to our own.”

In addition to manufacturing five all-natural, caffeine-free, fruit flavored Herbal Teas including Lemon, Mango, Peach, Raspberry and Strawberry, Teacrest also offers the more traditional and popular teas including its award winning English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey and Iced Tea w/ Lemon, as well as Green Tea w/ Honey & Lemon, Green Tea w/ Jamaican Ginger and White Tea w/ Pomegranate.

Teacrest has been making its T42 line of quality teas for many years drawing on the expertise of its founder whose father Clement Hakim was the premier tea importer in the USA for many decades. “I learned about tea at my father’s knees, so to speak, surrounded by experts who came from around the world. It was a time when the tea business was ruled by few and by very knowledgeable gentlemen not inclined to selling the standards of quality found in many of the teas we see today on the retail shelves.”

Mr. Hakim also added, “It seems that everyone and his brother has been trying to enter the tea business especially with RTD (ready-to-drink) products. They have a lot of money to spend but do they really know anything about tea let alone make a good tasting tea. Some have snookered consumers into believing that leaf tea is superior for RTD when by its nature it isn’t while others have added nutriceuticals or other additives to make their tea “healthier” when, in fact, these additives don’t. And, still a few others, failing at that, when they see and taste the real thing, will emulate T42. ”

“Our teas are all natural, in-your-face very traditional. Tea is and has always been a beverage that when ‘spot on’ is meant to refresh. nothing else.” I imagine that as our distribution grows nationally, our packaging and product concepts will attract even more attention, giving apparent license to others to ‘draw’ further on our expertise.”

T42 currently retails in supermarkets, gourmet markets and natural food stores throughout most parts of the US and in Canada. For more distributor information, please go to www.drinkt42.com.