Pure Cool, a Delicious Cool Water Taste Sensation Launches at Fancy Food Show in the Big Apple


A deliciously cool taste sensation never before experienced in a water product hits the Big Apple. Now you can have the purity and health benefits of water and great taste! Patent pending formulas were developed to create a premium line of cool flavored water beverages that both impart an actual cooling sensation and are socially perceived as being "cool" to drink. This sensory evolution of bottled water has pioneered a new "cool water" category. Branded as PURE COOL, these delicious waters have zero calories, zero sugar, zero fructose, zero high fructose corn syrup, zero artificial sweeteners, and zero preservatives. The initial launch consists of two shelf-stable still flavors, Triple Chill and Tropical Tiki in 16oz PET bottles; and two shelf-stable sparkling flavors, Mojo Cool and Pear Ginger-Ice in 12oz glass bottles. Additional flavors are in the works. @@img1 PURE COOL truly stands out from conventional flavored waters that often contain fructose, sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Although such products may contain the name "water," these additional ingredients negate the purity and health benefits of bottled water. Another unique aspect of PURE COOL is its transformation into cocktails with significantly less calories, sugar and fat than their traditional counterparts. For example Tropical Tiki and rum delivers the taste of a piña colada; Triple Chill becomes a martini, and Mojo Cool, a mojito. Lose the calories of tonic water, and have a refreshing Pear Ginger-Ice with that vodka instead. PURE COOL is socially "cool" to drink, with or without alcohol ("hey, it’s midnight and I really don’t want the alcohol of another mojito. A Mojo Cool will satisfy my taste for a mojito without the alcohol"). Additionally, consumers choosing not to drink alcohol have been limited to colas, club soda or plain, boring bottled water. PURE COOL is also a great alternative to mixing alcohol with energy drinks, as PURE COOL has great taste, no calories, no caffeine and no artificial buzz. The PURE COOL products will target premium niche markets such as specialty food stores and cafes, luxury hotels, resorts, spas, upscale nightclubs and restaurants, cruise lines, airlines and adventure travel. Initially the geographic focus of distribution will be in urban markets such as New York City and Las Vegas, and resort areas such as the Hamptons. The tagline, What’s Your Cool?, signifies the limitless possibilities of new formulations to deliver the perception of social, cultural, geographic or seasonal "coolness." Whatever your cool is, there’s a PURE COOL for you. The marketing concept and formulations of PURE COOL were created by Watermark Innovations, based in Southampton, NY. Watermark is headed by Patti Ann Kelly, Ph.D. With 18 years of experience in the food and supplement industry, Ms. Kelly’s career has involved New Product and Business Development, Technical Sales and Marketing, Consumer Research, Manufacturing and Regulatory Compliance. For more information about PURE COOL products please visit www.drinkPURECOOL.com