FRS® Healthy Energy Beverage to be Distributed Nationally Through

Santa Barbara, CA, July 17, 2007 – New Sun Nutrition, a developer and distributor of healthy energy beverages and antioxidant-based nutrition and wellness products, today announced that FRS®, the company’s patented Free Radical Scavenging (FRS) healthy energy products, will be carried by, the world’s 66th leading brand, nationally. FRS concentrate and diet powder products will be available to consumers via the site beginning July 2007 with other FRS products to follow.

The adoption of FRS by Amazon brings the convenience of shopping via one of the nation’s top-ranked online retailers to the growing group of consumers who seek to actively manage their energy levels. Product exposure before Amazon’s 60 million plus unique shoppers per month will help further drive the rapid growth of FRS, containing a scientifically formulated blend of antioxidants and vitamins, which fits perfectly in Amazon’s newly formed sports nutrition category. The sports nutrition category is expected to grow at an increasingly rapid pace.

Amazon’s diverse marketing, advertising and associate programs will allow FRS to conduct a series of programs to reach health conscious individuals in various life stages. Marketing programs may include content utilizing FRS spokesperson and board member Lance Armstrong.

“FRS will be actively working with Amazon to market to their consumers,” said Maigread Eichten, chief executive officer of New Sun Nutrition. “For consumers seeking a healthier energy alternative, the FRS product line is an ideal fit to help anchor Amazon’s new sports nutrition category.”

“We have seen tremendous growth in our health and wellness related categories,” said Jeff Fernandez, Buyer, Health and Personal Care Consumables,” Amazon believes FRS is a great product addition to this growing area.”

FRS’ patented healthy energy formula synergistically combines antioxidants (quercetin and green tea catechins) with essential vitamins and metabolic enhancers to provide a sustained, healthy energy boost and long-term antioxidant health protection. FRS is available in ready-to-drink beverage, portable drink mix powder, concentrate and chew forms – which are ideal for today’s on-the-go consumer.

Getting adequate amounts of beneficial antioxidants is important to help maintain good health. A DARPA-funded clinical study conducted by Appalachian State University demonstrated that quercetin, one of the key active ingredients in FRS, reduced susceptibility to viral illness and helped maintain mental performance in physically stressed individuals.

FRS, the winner of the 2007 World Beverage Congress’ Best Health Initiative award, is endorsed by Lance Armstrong and supports the Lance Armstrong Foundation as a corporate partner. FRS is also an official sponsor of the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team.

About New Sun Nutrition
New Sun Nutrition, founded in 2004, is a developer and distributor of nutritional supplements, healthy energy snacks and beverages that is pioneering the development of flavonoid antioxidant health solutions to improve consumer health and wellness.

The company’s product portfolio includes FRS® healthy energy drink, a scientifically formulated supplement designed to boost energy, enhance performance and neutralize free radicals before they can cause cellular damage. FRS, which stands for the scientific term Free Radical Scavenger, contains a patented combination of flavonoid antioxidants, essential vitamins and metabolic enhancers. The flavonoids are quercetin, an antioxidant typically found in the skins of apples, onions and red grapes, as well as catechins extracted from green tea.

FRS ready-to-drink cans are currently available at select grocery, convenience, health food and bike stores on the West Coast. Consumers should visit or call (877)-FRS-4YOU for a free trial offer of FRS products and to locate stores. Also, all FRS products are available on the company’s web site for convenient home delivery.