Kid FuelT Introduces Vitamin-Enhanced Water For Children

@@img1Las Vegas, NV – July, 2007 – Kid Fuel™, the world’s first vitamin-enhanced water beverage, created for children ages 3 to 12, fills the void for healthy alternatives to high-sugar, high-calorie sodas and juices.
The Kid Fuel™ nutritional ingredients are specially formulated for maintaining optimal health:
· The Kid Fuel™ formula contains a complete matrix of B-Vitamins with 100% RDA of B-6 and B-12 and 20% RDA of B-3, B-5 and Biotin in every 8oz bottle. B-Vitamins for kids have been found to relieve stress and have a calming effect.
· Calcium has also been added to round out the nutrient additives in the superior formulation.
· Kid Fuel™ is naturally flavored and has absolutely no high-fructose corn syrup.
· Each 8-ounce serving is only 50 calories compared to double the calories found in many juices and sodas.
· Sweetened with a natural fruit sugar that is slow to absorb and does not affect blood sugar levels.
· Made with purified water, flavors include grape, kiwi-strawberry, orange and raspberry.
· No color additives, Kid Fuel’s™ clear formula does not stain if spilled.
“Kid Fuel™ defines a new premium beverage category and introduces a new era of healthy and tasty hydration for children. Our mission is to promote good health habits that increase self-esteem and imagination,” said Tony Rago, president of Clear Beverage Corporation, when asked about the launch of Kid Fuel™. “We took the concept to a new level by incorporating a secret formula and creative kid-friendly proprietary sports bottles that are easy-to-hold with spill-proof sip-top caps that make it ideal for parents and kids on the go.”
Each bottle comes with its own cast of characters and features a see-through portal that encourages kids to take part in an exciting and educational adventure featuring Professor Smart and The Kid Fuel™ Kids – characters Nikki, Shinichi, Skye and Drew. By peeking into a bottle’s portal, children learn the answer to one of the professor’s questions based on adventures that range from space exploration to jungle journeys and volcano exploration. Each bottle takes children on a new adventure with an underlying theme that promotes healthy growth of bodies and minds.
Introduced by Las Vegas-based Clear Beverage Corporation, Kid Fuel™ will initially be distributed in the Las Vegas and Reno markets with California scheduled for later this year. An online store will be available this month at the Kid Fuel™ website at, select supermarkets, restaurants, mass merchants, convenience stores and warehouse club stores. Suggested retail price is 99 cents to $1.29 for a single 8-ounce bottle and multi-packs will feature incentive pricing. for nationwide ordering while plans for national distribution are scheduled for early 2008 in
Children are encouraged to visit the Kid Fuel™ interactive website for product availability, participate in four different flavor adventures and win t-shirts, stickers and other prizes.

Kid Fuel™ focuses on key nutritional needs of children. The kid-friendly, parent-approved beverage gives kids the hydration they need while packed with essential vitamins and minerals for growing bodies. The 8-ounce Kid Fuel™ bottle features a fun series of educational characters that kids love in an ergonomically designed bottle that easily fits in lunch boxes sports sacks and backpacks.