Nutrisoda Takes Off at Wal-Mart – Brings “Best in Class” Taste and Value Nationwide

@@img1 MINNEAPOLIS, (Aug.17, 2007) airforce Nutrisoda is celebrating its debut at Wal-Mart  nationwide by offering shoppers a Best in Class value, a special six-pack priced at $4.98, to complement the retailer’s fall back-to-school promotion.
Wal-Mart’s inclusion of Nutrisoda in its Best in Class back-to-school promotion was sparked by the USDA granting an exemption for Nutrisoda, allowing six flavors to be sold in the school food service area during meal periods. The limited time Wal-Mart introductory offer featuring six cans for the price of four, will include each of the six USDA exempted varieties that can be sold into high schools for the 2007-2008 school year.
The six sku’s include Focus Nutrisoda, Immune Nutrisoda, Calm Nutrisoda, Renew Nutrisoda, Radiant Nutrisoda and Slender Nutrisoda.
Mango-peach flavored Focus Nutrisoda helps returning students and educators get off on the right foot with its unique combination of nutrients designed to improve mental alertness and concentration. Tangerine-lime flavored Immune Nutrisodais designed to support the body’s immune defenses, boost antigen response to help keep you healthy. Watermelon-blueberry Renew Nutrisoda offers a full gram of dietary fiber and other essential nutrients.
All Nutrisoda varieties combine meaningful levels of nutrients and natural fruit flavors and colors with water filtered four times for extra purity to deliver functional benefits and crisp, effervescent refreshment. Wal-Mart shoppers nationwide will also have the opportunity to ‘Taste the Best in Class’ during in store samplings on Aug. 17 – 18 at select locations.
“Consumers recognize value when they taste it,” says Joe Heron, creator of airforce Nutrisoda and founder and president of Ardea Beverage Company.
The Nutrisoda promotion at Wal-Mart also coincides with the release of a recent controlled case study in which 100 seventh graders who drank nutrient-enhanced Focus Nutrisoda® improved standardized state test results an average of 8.9 percent over test results from their previous school year.
"Unlike other beverages that simply tried to eliminate ingredients such as sugar and carbonation to meet new regulations, Ardea Beverage Company was revolutionary and creative," said Valerie Addis, RD, director of food service and nutrition for Cherokee County. "Nutrisoda not only satisfies the discriminating tastes of school age students, but it is also a beverage that actively supports their dietary needs by adding specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to support the student’s physical and mental needs".
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“The fact that Nutrisoda’s best-in-class nutrition took students to the head of the class in this case study is very exciting,” adds Heron. “We’re excited to add this product to the healthy choices available at Wal-Mart.”
“For students, educators or parents, Wal-Mart’s inclusion of Nutrisoda in its Best in Class promotion is a win-win,” says Heron.
About airforce Nutrisoda
Introduced in 2004, airforce Nutrisoda, targets on-the-go, nutritionally-aware people who enjoy new experiences and discovering new products.
All 8 Nutrisoda varieties offer meaningful levels of leading-edge nutrients, natural fruit flavors, natural colors and water filtered 4x for extra purity and a light, crisp effervescence.
Just as important as what’s in each can is what’s not. Whether you choose Immune, Renew, Radiant, Calm, Focus, Flex, Energize or Slender, Nutrisodas have zero sugar, zero aspartame, zero sodium, and zero to few calories. All in all, intelligent refreshment.
airforce Nutrisodas are available nationwide at select retail stores, fine grocers, national airports, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, clubs, spa locations, schools, colleges and online. With a strong commitment to social and environmental causes, airforce Nutrisoda is good for you, tastes good, looks good, and does good. Call us the Good Soda.
About Ardea Beverage Company
The Ardea Beverage Company is dedicated to the development and marketing of nutrient-enhanced sodas that deliver a health and wellness benefit in a safe, delicious and convenient format. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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