Integrated Pharmaceuticals Launches Bottled Water Product

Boston, MA August 22, 2007 – Intepharm announced today that it is about to launch a bottled water product infused with calcium and magnesium called Healthy Cal+.

The Fitchburg company, which refers to itself as Intepharm, is a producer of specialty compounds for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and functional food industry.

According to Intepharm, the calcium in Healthy Cal+ will be 100 percent absorbable and won’t require sweeteners or artificial flavorings to cover up the calcium taste, in contrast to rival products on the market.

Healthy Cal+ has "no sweeteners, flavorings, or calories – just good taste," Intepharm said.

Plans call for Healthy Cal+ to be available in various organic food stores, health food stores, health clubs, and high-end grocery stores, and convenience stores in New England, the company said.

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