Sweet Leaf Tea Announces Colorado Market Expansion with New Product Rollouts and Regional Sales Hire


@@img1 AUSTIN, Tex. (Sept. 20, 2007) – Sweet Leaf Tea, a Texas-born and brewed bottled tea company and one of the nation’s leading all natural tea brands, announced today a new focus on the Rocky Mountain region through new product rollouts, key retailer partnerships, and the hiring of area sales manager Lindsay Kelly.

New product introductions in the area include Sweet Leaf’s homemade teas in recyclable, PET bottles – available at King Soopers in the grab-and-go coolers. King Soopers shoppers can now enjoy the product in the new 20-ounce plastic bottles available in six of the most popular flavors: Organic Original Sweet Tea, Organic Mint & Honey Green Tea, Organic Peach Sweet Tea, Diet Peach Sweet Tea, Diet Mint & Honey Green Tea and Organic Half & Half Lemonade Tea. In the mountain regions, consumers can purchase Original, Mint & Honey, Diet Mint & Honey and Half & Half at City Market stores. In addition, consumers can now buy the new 20-ounce plastic bottles of Sweet Leaf Tea in Original, Peach and Half & Half at select 7-11 franchise stores across the state.

"We offer Colorado consumers a great tasting product that happens to be organic. Our tea has a traditional flavor profile-just like the tea you would enjoy at home," said Clayton Christopher, Sweet Leaf Tea founder and CEO. "Sweet Leaf is brewed with fine organic tea leaves and sweetened with real cane sugar and now, with light-weight and portable plastic bottles, Sweet Leaf Tea drinkers have more ways to enjoy our tea."
In addition to the new product availability, Sweet Leaf hired Lindsay Kelly as area sales manager. Kelly is responsible for account development for Colorado at the wholesale and retail level. A business management graduate from the University of North Texas, she has a strong beverage sales background – for the past six years, Kelly led sales efforts at PepsiCo Foodservice and Boston Beer Company.

"I am thrilled to join the Sweet Leaf Tea team," said Kelly, "Before I joined the team, I was a fan of this great tasting product. I feel great about representing an all-natural, organic beverage to Coloradoans that is a healthier alternative to artificially-sweetened sodas and juices."

"Our expansion into the Rocky Mountain region comes at a time when consumers are seeking out beverage choices more than ever," said Michelle Weisblatt, director of marketing at Sweet Leaf. "With our mainstream flavor profile and cane-sugar sourced sweetness, former soda drinkers find that Sweet Leaf is the perfect beverage alternative. Many of our consumers were never tea drinkers before, but Sweet Leaf satisfies the craving for something great tasting – all the while offering pure, organic ingredients and health benefits from antioxidant-filled tea."

Sweet Leaf teas are made from all-natural, superior-blend black and green teas mixed with 100% pure cane sugar or honey (Splenda for the diet varieties) and carbon-filtered water. Five of their flavors are certified organic by the USDA, and their Green Tea line has more of the antioxidant EGCG than any other bottled tea on the market.

About Sweet Leaf Tea:
Based in Austin, Texas, Sweet Leaf Tea was founded in 1998 by Clayton Christopher. Using his grandmother’s tried-and-true iced-tea recipe, Clayton and his best friend and business partner, David Smith, brewed the original batches of Sweet Leaf Tea in pillowcases, using crawfish pots as brew tanks. 

Sweet Leaf Tea is all-natural, made with real cane sugar and is offered in ten traditional iced-tea flavors: The Organic Original Sweet Tea, Diet Original Sweet Tea, Organic Mint & Honey Green Tea, Diet Mint & Honey Green Tea, Peach Sweet Tea, Diet Peach Sweet Tea, Raspberry Sweet Tea, Lemon Lime Unsweet Tea, Organic Very Berry Hibiscus Tea, and Organic Half & Half Lemonade Tea. Sweet Leaf Tea can be purchased in the original 16-ounce glass bottle, the gallon plastic bottle, and now the 12-ounce and 20-ounce plastic bottles. Sweet Leaf Tea also has a line of granny-inspired all-natural, fresh-squeezed lemonades: Organic Original Lemonade, Organic Peach Lemonade, and Organic Cherry Limeade. For more information on Sweet Leaf Tea and its products, visit www.sweatleaftea.com.