RushNet’s Marketing For Apple Rush Gains Distribution

RushNet, Inc. (Pink Sheets: RSHN.PK) announces increased distribution for Apple Rush, across the U.S. the Organic 100% Juice line is now distributed in thirty eight states.

Apple Rush currently has twenty six Distributors in place, and over a dozen more in the approval process. Earlier this month four Tree of Life regional warehouses took more than a truckload of Apple Rush. Tree of Life covers the U.S. east of the Rockies from these locations. West coast natural & specialty foods Distributor Nature’s Best will be picking up their first shipment next week. This will open up new distribution west of the Rockies for Apple Rush. Kehe Foods has placed their first of two orders; Kehe is the country’s largest Distributor of natural, organic and ethnic food to supermarkets. Apple Rush also has a variety of smaller regional supermarket chains already selling the product with some larger regional chains in the approval process.

International sales continue to grow by virtue of a sizable re-order from a Distributor in Puerto Rico who is now into their second truckload of Apple Rush. Both Canadian Distributors are going strong with the one in Western Canada having placed six orders to date. Distribution in Guam is underway and the company continues to nurture serious interest from several large Asian countries where orders are expected prior to year-end of 2007.

Robert Corr, President of RushNet, was quoted: "We are starting to see the results of RushNet’s marketing and tradeshow participation for Apple Rush. The brand is showing the signs of success we’ve worked towards for more than four months now. The initial measure of the success for any new item is getting Distributors to place orders and stores to bring the product in, but that’s only the start. The real test is if you get re-orders. Well, we have Distributors who have placed multiple orders since Apple Rush sales began in June, that means that customers like the product and are making repeat purchases."

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