Cytosport Unveils New Cytomax Formula, New Design, and Two Cytomax Drinks: Fast Twitch and Protein Pure Performance


Benicia, CA October 18, 2007 –  Executives from CytoSport Inc., maker of Muscle Milk® and Cytomax® Performance Drink, today announced the addition of Fast Twitch™ Explosive Performance and Cytomax® Protein Pure Performance Drink, which will round out the first-ever complete, functional sports drink trio.  The Benicia, Calif.-based company is also unveiling new packaging for its category leader Muscle Milk.   

Executive Vice President Chris Running on the 2007 NACS Show:
“Last year the NACS Show drew 24,000 people so we are excited about this year’s turnout. Muscle Milk is a category leader so we are thrilled to showcase our new packaging that befits the convenience store channel. Cytomax is taking sports drinks to a whole new level as it becomes the only multi-level sports drink platform available,” said Chris Running, Executive Vice President, CytoSport Inc. “Drinking Fast Twitch and Protein Pure Performance in addition to your Cytomax Performance Drink will ensure successful workouts and recovery for everyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.”
  • PRE-WORKOUT: Fast Twitch™ Explosive Performance…helps you prepare to stretch your limits. It’s designed to fuel fast twitch (type II) muscle fibers, and helps to produce nitric oxide (NO) production, helping you to keep pumping along during a tough workout. Fast Twitch, with 200 mg of caffeine gives you a nice ‘here we go’ lift that helps you produce more power and burn fat more efficiently. Perform
  • DURING THE WORKOUT: Cytomax® Performance Drink…made to charge and fuel your body so you can maximize your workout. Cytomax prevents lactic acid build-up and supplies electrolytes and the hydration necessary to finish strong. Recharge
  • POST-WORKOUT: Cytomax® Protein Pure Performance Drink…Helps restore and replenish amino acids, which helps to repair muscle tissue damage as a result of intense exercise. With 40 g of quality protein for recovery to supplement your daily diet. Recover
“This is a big show for us as we unveil a new look for Muscle Milk…a new 14 oz. plastic bottle with a full shrink wrap label that is tailor made to the convenience store (market). With Cytomax, we have everything needed for the athlete on the go; and for the consumer who lives an active lifestyle. In short, we offer both beverages and bars,” said John Blair, Senior Vice President of Sales CytoSport, Inc. 
Inspired initially by mother nature’s most complete and anabolically active formula, human mother’s milk, Muscle Milk is low in sugar and full of protein. It promotes efficient fat burning, lean muscle growth and fast recovery from exercise. It is much more than your typical protein drink. Muscle Milk is the on-the-go drink that’s packed with protein, nutrients, and essential fats to provide sustained energy for today’s active lifestyle. And, the most important Muscle Milk advantage, great, great taste!
Muscle Milk® Bars are an ideal on-the-go snack with great taste and nutritional power to keep you going strong without compromising your dietary goals. The original Muscle Milk bar and new Muscle Milk Light bars are available in Vanilla Toffee Crunch, Banana Creme, and Chocolate Peanut Caramel.
CytoSport recently inked a three-year deal with Adrian Peterson, the star running back for the Minnesota Vikings. Peterson will appear in print ads for the company’s Muscle Milk and Cytomax products as well as star in a major online initiative. Earlier this year, the company unveiled its newest product Mighty Milk Nutritional Drink For Kids™ where they enlisted the services of NBA All-Star Shaquille O’Neal as the official spokesperson.   To date, Shaq has appeared in print ads and will soon make his debut on television in a Mighty Milk campaign which will begin airing in January, 2008. 
“Recent studies show that 87 percent of today’s kids have poor eating habits and are sedentary. We are committed to kids and this category that’s why we enlisted the services of Shaquille O’Neal to be the Mighty Milk spokesperson. Kids can relate to him and this is a topic close to his heart,” said Nikki Brown – Vice President of Marketing, CytoSport.
CytoSport, Inc. is the manufacturer of ready to drink beverages for active individuals. For more information on Muscle Milk® and Cytomax®, please visit or For more information about Mighty Milk please log onto
Muscle Milk is the proud supplier of Muscle Milk® Collegiate Products to numerous universities including:  LSU, USC, UCLA, University of California-Berkeley, Florida State University, Stanford University, University of Arizona, University of Washington, University of Miami, University of Colorado, University of Hawaii, Georgia Tech, and Arizona State University.