PowerCap maker refutes Activate’s exclusivity claim



The president of PowerCap- manufacturer Liquid Health Labs has refuted Anders Eisner’s claim that his company had an exclusive contract to use the innovative packaging as part of Eisner’s new enhanced water brand.

Eisner – son of former Disney Chairman and CEO Michael Eisner – last week told Beverage Digest that his company, Activate Drinks, had secured an “exclusive license” for the cap he planned to use. 

But that’s not the case, according to Derek Hopkins, president of Liquid Health Labs. Hopkins said Activate purchases the caps from Liquid Health Labs, but the relationship is not exclusive.

12pt; font-family: ‘Times New Roman’,’serif’;”>Eisner said Activate debuted Monday with a cap that stores the beverage’s vitamins and flavorings until customers are ready to consume it.

At its core Activate is a vitamin enhanced water, but it comes with a twist. The water and vitamins are packaged separately in the bottle. Company co-founder Anders Eisner called it “hid under the lid.” Consumers turn a crank on the cap to release the powdered vitamins and flavorings, then shake the bottle to mix the contents before opening.

Eisner said that cap gave his product an advantage because “Over time, vitamins.. lose their potency sitting in water.”

Activate also signed a distribution deal with Harlambos Co., which will distribute Activate  in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills this spring, and Santa Monica this summer. Haralambos co-owner Tony Haralambos told BD that Activate is “innovative enough to have a good shot.”