New All Natural Lemonade from Tropicana

CHICAGO, April 21 /PRNewswire/ — Want to experience the difference of a lemonade so natural and delicious it could only come from Tropicana? Well, take your pick.

The juice leaders at Tropicana have launched a new line of delectably different premium lemonades in three flavors that offer fresh-tasting satisfaction from the first sip to the last.

Experience the Difference.

Tropicana Coastal Groves Lemonades are a new premium line of 100 percent natural lemonades with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Made by the juice crafters at Tropicana from the hand-picked, sun-ripened lemons from the coastal groves, these new lemonades offer a taste that has the perfect balance of sweet, tart and tangy in three refreshing new flavors: Original Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade and Peach Lemonade.

“Tropicana Coastal Groves Lemonade offers adults what they have been seeking from a lemonade,” said Susan Logue, PhD, Tropicana’s director of Juice Development. “We have been asked to craft a premium 100 percent natural lemonade that has a fresh squeezed taste without artificial sweeteners or preservatives and that is what Tropicana Coastal Grove Lemonades delivers.”

Make a Difference.

Another refreshing twist to the launch of Tropicana Coastal Groves includes an on-package commitment from Tropicana to partner along with Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild the U.S. coastal regions.

In January, Tropicana announced a new three-year partnership with Habitat for Humanity International to help build houses along the Gulf Coast and other locations around the country. Through this partnership, Tropicana aims to advance Habitat for Humanity’s affordable housing program with a $1 million commitment and galvanizing employee volunteers to donate time and funds to help build houses over the next three years.

All three flavors of Tropicana Coastal Groves Lemonade will be available in 64 ounce cartons nationwide in April 2008. Located in the chilled juice case, the suggested retail price is $2.99. Tropicana Coastal Groves Original Lemonade will also be available in a 12 ounce single serve size beginning May 2008 with a suggested retail price of $1.79. Consumers can find more product information by visiting