418 Energy targets golf crowd with energy shot


Baywood International, Inc. (BAYW) announced that, through
Layfield Energy, it is launching 418 Energy, specifically formulated
for golfers. 418 Energy is a triple spectrum energy drink with a blend
of natural ingredients that act as an energy, anti-inflammatory and
cognitive support formula. The product is delivered in a 2 ounce shot
that can be taken straight from the bottle.

418 Energy’s proprietary formula contains a blend of herbal
ingredients that provide anti-inflammatory support for pain relief, a
cognitive support blend of ingredients helps them concentrate on their
game and an energy blend that provides consistent energy with low
caffeine, low sugar and no crash to help golfers finish their round
with the same energy they started. The product has a mixed-berry
flavor, can be consumed straight or with other beverages and is
available at golf courses around the country.

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